Tori Spelling revealed that she chipped her front tooth while making out with her “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-star Jason Priestley.

During a recent episode of her podcast misSPELLING, the 50-year-old actress shared that the reason she never smiles is due to a kissing mishap with the 54-year-old actor when the two had a brief romance in the 1990s.

“My teeth are chipped. Thank you, Jason Priestley,” Spelling said. 

“I have a chipped front tooth from making out with Jason Priestley in an elevator, and he chipped my front tooth,” Spelling added. “He’s a good but aggressive kisser.” 

The California native recalled that the makeout session took place when the pair had a “summer fling,” adding that it was “way before” Priestley married his first wife, Ashlee Peterson, in 1999.


“I was shooting a TV movie in Vancouver, he was directing a TV show in Vancouver,” Spelling remembered. “Yeah, we had a fun summer.”

Spelling noted that she had previously shared that the pair had “hooked up.” In 2015, the former reality star revealed her fling with Priestley while appearing on Lifetimes’s “Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector.”

“Have you ever been kissing a guy and you get, like, [an] aggressive kiss and your teeth hit each other’s teeth?… I guess I have brittle teeth,” Spelling joked on her podcast.

tori spelling with jason priestley

The “Scary Movie 2” star went on to say that Priestley’s aggressive kissing style is well-known, quipping that her fellow “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-star Jennie Garth has “lockjaw” due to her makeout scenes with Priestley on the show.

“She says she has TMJ because of him and a clicking jaw,” Spelling said. “He said he broke her face.”

Spelling shared that she recently saw a dentist to get veneers. 

“I used to have great teeth,” she explained. “I do not smile anymore.”


She continued, “And people always say in comments on my Instagram, ‘Smile. Why don’t you smile?’ Well, the truth is I let my teeth go to s—” 

The actress explained that she began neglecting her self-care after she became a wife and mother. Spelling and her estranged husband Dean McDermott share sons Liam, 17, Beau, 7, Finn, 11, and daughters Stella, 15 and Hattie, 12.

tori spelling in bed with brian austin green talking to jason priestley in 90210 scene

“I got married. I had 5 kids. They became important. It’s one of those things, like when you have kids, you stop doing things for yourself,” Spelling said. “You just stop doing those little self care things. Well, at least me as a mom, I did. And my teeth were my last priority, which sucks.” 

“I mean, I was really proud that I never had one cavity before I was 40. Now it’s a mess in there,” she said.

“My teeth have been horrible. I don’t smile anymore,” Spelling added. “A big part of your confidence is your smile. And when you don’t have that — I always put my hand up when I laugh. I just hate my smile.”

Tori Spelling red carpet

Spelling said that her friend, who is a dentist, offered to “redo” her teeth. She told her listeners that she recently underwent a procedure to get veneers and she currently had temporary teeth in.

“When you get veneers, they have to take down your teeth,” Spelling explained. They put on temporaries that are glued in, basically like high-end plastic dentures, top and bottom. And then they craft your teeth.”

“I’ll get my real teeth in two weeks,” she added. “I’ll go back and get the permanent ones. I’ll have my veneers, and I’ll have my life-changing smile because I feel like this is really gonna change my life.” 

“Even just having these right now…I’m smiling.”

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