I need you to immediately speak up and tell your U.S. Senators to vote NO on making John Cornyn the new Senate Minority Leader – or else we could see years of gun-grabbing compromises.

I hope you will take action right now to tell your Republican senators to publicly commit to OPPOSE John Cornyn’s attempt to take over the Republican caucus.

Make no mistake. John Cornyn has made it his mission to carve up gun owners like you and me and serve us all on a platter to Washington leftists.

Gun owners will never support – and will never forgive – John Cornyn for leading the Republican charge on the so-called “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.”

The Cornyn-backed “BSCA” gun grab included:

>> Federal tax dollars for “red flag” gun confiscation raids

>> A mandatory “waiting period” for adult gun owners under 21

>> Backdoor gun owner registration checks

If any Senator, John Cornyn or anyone else, voted for the BSCA, they should be disqualified from replacing McConnell.

So please, fill out the form above right now and tell your Republican senators to oppose John Cornyn as Senate Minority Leader.

My colleague, Aidan Johnston, was quoted in the Daily Caller and by Fox News. He called out Cornyn for his compromising and his anti-gun capitulation.

Because Cornyn not only helped pass the BSCA, he also pushed the liberals’ deliberately-misnamed “Fix NICS” bill.

You probably remember, Zeke, how the “Fix NICS” scheme sets up the federal government to strip millions of veterans, seniors, medical cannabis users, traffic ticket violators, and others, of their constitutional rights — without substantive due process.

Cornyn handed the federal government the power for mass gun confiscation, and it seems like he can’t wait to do it again. John Cornyn seems to think if he keeps selling out to Joe Biden, he’ll win the support of Democrats.

Any support for gun control will NEVER be enough to get anti-gun groups and anti-gun voters to support you. They hate your very existence.

But if John Cornyn becomes Senate Minority Leader and sells you out to Joe Biden, they won’t punish him until they’re done with you.

That is why I need you to please tell your Republican senators to OPPOSE John Cornyn for Senate Minority Leader.

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