The newest Kombou/Bestech collaboration is the big and bold Razon. Designer Grzegorz Grabarski‘s latest piece delivers high-end cutting performance and a historically-inspired look that comes dressed to the nines in high-end materials.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you really never know what to expect when Grabarski rolls out a new model. He does big knives, he does small knives, he does high-end and entry-level, and seems comfortable working with a daunting suite of different blade shapes. The Razon’s big-bellied clip point seems modeled after the navaja, the traditional folding knife of Spain. Like many historical patterns, the navaja has been rendered in lots of different sizes over the years; if we added the Razon to that size-spectrum, it would land on the larger end with its 3.87-inch blade.

The Razon uses the uncommon thumb disc for opening

By most folder metrics that’s a big blade, well-suited for big cutting jobs. The Razon’s blade isn’t just a cutting edge, it is cutting edge, rendered in other than MagnaCut steel. This is only the super popular super steel’s second appearance in the Bestech catalog, but could argue Bestech’s making up for the sporadic appearance with plenty of length here. On a knife in this size class users will be able to test MagnaCut’s properties both in normal everyday carry chores, as well as the aforementioned, more demanding stuff that demands a larger blade.

More navaja inspiration can be seen in the Razon’s handle, which emulates that traditional folder’s sweeping pistol grip-style profile quite faithfully. Of course the materials here are quite different, as the Razon’s scales are all titanium, with a frame lock cut into the off-side scale and capped with a steel interface piece. The Razon is a full-on premium Bestech release, so there’s lots of detailing and luxurious finishing touches on these scales. A sculpted titanium pocket clip is included too but, given the shape of the Razon’s handle, it is non-reversible. The Razon weighs 4.09 oz.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Knives Razon

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