GiantMouse is breathing new life into an older fixed blade design with their latest limited release, available now. The GMF2-P-R sees designers Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Anso tweaking the proven GMF2 pattern ever so slightly, as well as spicing up the visuals with new materials.

The GMF2’s heritage is a bit more complicated than the average GiantMouse release. In 2017, it was part of the second wave of new models from the then-very-young company. In designing the knife, Voxnaes and Anso were inspired by the knife culture of their native Denmark, a country whose traditional fixed blade designs have had a lasting impact on knife designers all over the world. That original model had a saber grind and scales made from green Micarta scales, but it was followed by a lightly updated version in 2020, which traded in the saber grind for a flat grind instead.

Now, four years later, for this variant, Voxnaes and Anso retouched the saber grind original in a very subtle way – if you’re able to tell what the change is by looking at the GMF2-P-R, congratulations, you are a Grind Expert. Yes, saber grind on this 2024 iteration begins about an eight of an inch further up the blade than before – a tweak more than a revision, to be sure, but one that GiantMouse says has a practical impact on cutting performance. Speaking of, the steel on the GMF2-P-R is N690, the European stainless that has a long history of service in the GiantMouse catalog (as well as elsewhere, of course).

For the first time in the model’s history, this GMF2 comes with red scales – not bright stop sign red, but a dark, rich red that is a natural fit with the rustic, sophisticated color palette that defines most GiantMouse releases. These scales are G-10 rather than Micarta, which you can tell by the tightness and subtlety of the grain on the machined surfaces of the scales. A custom black leather dangler sheath is included with the GMF2-P-R.

This one is available now, the latest in a series of limited edition GiantMouse releases. The batch consists of only 300 pieces, so if you like it, act now.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse GMF2-P-R

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