New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft published a letter bemoaning hatred against Jews in a full-page ad from his Foundation to Combat Antisemitism appearing in several newspapers, Page Six reported.

“As a graduate of Columbia University, I am deeply saddened by the hate and polarization taking place today on a campus I love so much,” wrote Kraft, who pulled support for his alma mater last month amid pro-Palestinian protests at the Ivy League school.

“I am appalled that this hate has only continued to rise and has spawned growing levels of physical intimidation and threats of violence that have taken over college and university campuses across our country,” Kraft wrote, emphasizing that “political issues can be, and most importantly, should be debated. They should be debated vigorously. But vicious hate speech and physical intimidation, preventing others from feeling safe, pursuing their studies, or having their voices heard is completely unacceptable.”

Kraft stressed that “shouting vile, hate filled labels at students while hiding behind masks is not free speech — it is cowardice,” insisting that the protesters at Columbia and other colleges should be “held accountable.”

The ad is part of the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism’s $25 million “Stand Up to Jewish Hate Campaign,” which began over a year ago and has recently included TV ads during both the Academy Awards and the Super Bowl.

Kraft explained in his letter that “the mission of the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism is to build empathy among all Americans, young and old, as a way to fight the rising hate in our country.”

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