Half of Americans say that Bidenomics has been “bad” for the economy, inflation, and the cost of living, according to a new poll from McLaughlin & Associates.

The survey asked respondents, “Generally speaking, would you say Bidenomics has been very good, good, bad, or very bad for the economy, inflation, and the cost of living?”

  • 37% said “good,” including 14% who said “very good” and 23% who said “somewhat good.”
  • 50% said “bad,” including 33% who said “very bad” and 17% who said “somewhat bad.”
  • 13% said they didn’t know or refused to respond.

The poll also found that President Joe Biden’s opinion rating is below water.

  • 42% approve of Biden’s job performance, including 21% who are “very favorable” and 20% who are “somewhat favorable.”
  • 55% disapprove of Biden’s performance, including 39% who are “very unfavorable” and 16% who are “somewhat unfavorable.”

In addition, the survey asked respondents whom they would be more likely to vote for if the election were held today: Biden, former President Donald Trump, or undecided.

  • 49% said Trump.
  • 43% said Biden.
  • 8% are undecided.

McLaughlin polled 1,000 likely voters in the general election across the country from March 9-14 with no margin of error given.

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