It has been known for a long time that polio vaccines contain a monkey virus called the Coryza virus. This virus was later renamed respiratory syncytial virus or (“RSV”).

Not surprisingly, Pfizer now has a “vaccine” for RSV, which was introduced to humans via the polio vaccine. And, don’t forget, there’s now a vaccine for vaccine-induced polio too.

Bill Gates Helps Create A Vaccine That Will Help Prevent Polio Caused By Vaccines

You can’t even make this up if you try, yet the human cattle line up and get injected upon command of the ruling class still.

In most humans, RSV causes mild, cold-like symptoms. It could be much more severe in a small number of people, especially in infants and older adults.

On  August 21st, 2023, the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) approved Pfizer’s Abrysvo vaccine.  It is the first vaccine approved for use in pregnant mothers to prevent lower respiratory tract disease caused by respiratory syncytial virus (“RSV”).

“Pfizer currently is the only company with an RSV vaccine to help protect older adults, as well as infants through maternal immunization,” Pfizer announced in September.

Injecting this “vaccine” into pregnant mothers increases the risk of pre-term birth, which carries risks of short and long-term health complications for the baby.

Polio viruses for the production of polio vaccines have been cultured on monkey kidney tissue and cell lines. These are naturally infected by monkey (simian) viruses and other microorganisms and agents (protozoans, amoebas). They cause, and/or are a co-factor in, a variety of cancers and other diseases. The methods used to “clean-up” the animal tissue and/or microorganisms of these undesirable contaminants are incomplete.

Within a number of hours (usually 40) most of the microorganisms are inactivated (about 75%) with formaldehyde, but afterwards there is a viable residue of live organisms capable of multiplying and spreading indefinitely. When such inadequately treated vaccines are introduced into populations, even those organisms that were inactivated, may revert back to their original virulence. Most of them are carcinogenic (cancer causing) and cytopathogenic (tissue destructive). –Daily Exposé

Read more: Contamination of Polio Vaccines, Medical Veritas, May 11, 2015

Polio vaccines are not only ineffective in preventing paralysis, they carry the risk of contamination with many harmful adventitious microorganisms, of which only some monkey viruses have been researched in more detail. Many other potentially dangerous microorganisms remain unaddressed. –Rapid Response Re Polio eradication: a complex end game, Dr. Viera Scheibner, BMJ, 26 August 2012

The Startling Truth about Vaccination against Poliomyelitis

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