Pakistan has carried out deadly strikes against targets inside Iran. The retaliatory strikes were conducted for the attacks by Tehran days ago that followed similar attacks in Iraq and Syria.

The tit-for-tat exchanges appeared to target separatist militants on either side of the border, ratcheting up tensions between the two neighbors but also stoking fears of regional escalation amid the Israel-Hamas war, according to a report by NBC News. 

“This morning’s action was taken in light of credible intelligence of impending large-scale terrorist activities,” Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “This action is a manifestation of Pakistan’s unflinching resolve to protect and defend its national security against all threats.”

Pakistan’s military described the attack as using “killer drones, rockets, loitering munitions, and standoff weapons” to strike Iraq. Stand-off weapons are missiles fired from aircraft at a distance. likely meaning Pakistan’s fighter jets didn’t enter Iranian airspace, reported NPR.

This is a major escalation in the war as it threatens to go global.

In the latest incident involving Iran-backed groups, the United States military struck 14 Houthi rebel missile sites in Yemen last night that it said were pre-emptive attacks targeting imminent threats to ships in the Red Sea.

Another War Incident In The Red Sea: Houthis Launch “Complex” Missile Attacks

Remember, the ruling classes are not the ones who will be fighting these wars or in the way of any strikes. The masters expect the slave class to obey them and fight and die when they decide.

So far, more than 24,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the war began, including more than 10,000 children, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. More than 60,000 have been injured, and thousands more are missing and presumed dead.

War Expansion: Iran Launched Missile Strikes In Northern Iraq

Unfortunately, the war between Russia and Ukraine also continues to rage on, and the U.S. is neck-deep in that conflict as well. The fuse to the powder keg has been lit, and it isn’t going to take much for the entire global situation to explode out of control.

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