Nike is woke, baseball players are coddled, and everyone should carry a gun – or so says retired New York Yankees pitcher David Wells.

The slimmed-down 60-year-old southpaw joined Derek Jeter and a few other members of the 1998 World Champion New York Yankees at Saturday’s Old Timers’ Day in the Bronx, where he complained about everything from ‘woke’ culture to the club’s current struggles.

‘We’re in a different world,’ Wells told reporters while donning a Yankees jersey with a piece of tape covering the Nike logo. ‘It sucks. That’s why everyone should carry a gun.’

A beer-guzzling, soft-tossing lefty who developed into one of the most successful pitchers of the late-1990s and early 2000s, Wells has dropped weight and gotten healthier in retirement.

But even without his famed heft, Wells remains of the game’s most outspoken characters.

— Alex Raskin in New York Yankees great David Wells slams ‘woke Nike,’ coddled ballplayers and Bud Light during Old Timers’ Day festivities in the Bronx: ‘That’s why everyone should carry a gun’

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