A Richland County, South Carolina, woman, defending herself and her two small children, stopped an intruder over the weekend shooting him dead after he busted through the door to her apartment and came at her.

The woman told police she heard banging at the door of her residence in the early morning hours of Sunday. As he approached the door to see what the commotion was about, the main crashed through the door and into her apartment. The woman retrieved a gun from her purse and asked the man to identify himself, but he continued toward her at which time the woman fired the gun, killing the intruder. The woman and her two children were not harmed.

The woman called 911 immediately after the shooting and deputies were dispatched arriving around 5 a.m.

Police did take the woman into the headquarters for questioning, but was released a short time after as authorities declined to press charges determining she had indeed acted in self-defense.

There was no mention if this woman had an attorney present during questioning, but it is typically advisable, even in cases such as this where the evidence seems clear, for a citizen to ensure they have an attorney present before making statements to the police.

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