When seconds count, police are just minutes away.  And in the land Down Under, outside of the police, the good guys have been thoroughly disarmed.  Which is why a rampaging terrorist armed with a large knife or small machete was able to slaughter six and maim at least eight others in a crowded shopping mall before an armed female cop finally showed up and punched his ticket.

Mega kudos to the blonde female cop who not only dispatched the killer, but also then went on to try to save lives among the victims.  What a horrific scene.  Again, props to the female officer.

Imagine some jihadi (or anyone else) rampaging through a mall in one of America’s 29 Constitutional Carry states, bravely trying to stab innocent women and even 9-month-old babies to death.  Yeah, it’s hard to imagine because in places like Stewart County, Tennessee, or Fairbanks, Alaska nearly two-thirds of adults own guns.  Moreover, they don’t need a government-issued “license” to carry them in those locales.  Try getting one of those in Australia.

Meanwhile the civilized peoples of Australia, who magically (in their minds at least) became more sophisticated and erudite after surrendering their guns many years ago, could only watch in horror as the attack played out over several minutes.

Other reports indicating that this was an Islamic terror attack are being suppressed by X.  So much for free speech algorithms.

But there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

From ABC.net.au News

Six people have been killed in a knife attack at Westfield Bondi Junction shopping centre in Sydney’s east.

The offender, who NSW Police believe to be a 40-year-old man, was shot dead at the scene by a senior officer.

Five of the victims — four women and a man — died at the busy centre on Saturday afternoon and another woman died from her injuries in hospital.

Eight others who were injured, including a nine-month-old child, remain in hospital and some are in a critical condition…

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke said authorities believed the man acted alone and there was no ongoing threat.




Even the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals in America recognize the obvious: The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.

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