KelTec has released its SUB 2000 Gen 3. The SUB 2000 is one of KelTec’s oldest and most popular firearms. When this gun was introduced, we had a federal assault weapon ban still in place. The SUB 2000 is a folding pistol caliber carbine that utilizes popular pistol magazines. It’s always been popular, and adjustments have been made along the way to modernize the platform. The Gen 3 premiered at SHOT 2024, and we got to take it for a spin on the range day. 

The KelTec SUB 2000 Gen 3 – The Big Change 

The big change everyone is talking about is the fact the handguard now rotates. The rotation allows you to mount optics without the need for a special mount. Typically, mounting an optic to the handguard kills the ability to fold the gun. With the SUB 2000 Gen 3, all the user has to do is rotate the handguard and fold the gun in half. 

The handguard can fold to the left or right. This makes it easy to mount numerous accessories to either side, depending on your preference. Rotate, fold, and call it a day. It’s an excellent all-around upgrade to the gun, but it wasn’t the only upgrade to the SUB 2000 Gen 3. 

The Other Changes 

The SUB 2000 Gen 3 delivers a newer, heavier charging handle. This reduces recoil by slowing the bolt. It provides a more ergonomic charging handle to make racking the gun easier. It’s also worth mentioning that the gun uses a reduced power spring to make racking the gun a lot easier than earlier generations. 

The trigger is no longer plastic but is made from aluminum. It’s also a much better trigger pull. It’s smoother, lighter, and all-around improved over the plastic-on-plastic feeling of the original KelTec SUB 2000 and the Gen 2 model. The receiver also received an update with a built-in shell deflector. 

Worth It? 

The Gen 3 represents quite the modernization of the platform. The addition of an optic and a nicer trigger results in a gun that’s easier to shoot at longer ranges. Even out to roughly the 50-yard line, the gun delivered excellent accuracy. Currently, the SUB 2000 Gen 3 is only available in 9mm and using Glock Magazines. 

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