Clint Smith is one of the most knowledgeable instructors in the game. He’s a Marine, a Vietnam veteran and has been training shooters since before I was born. Thunder Ranch is his shooting school located in beautiful Oregon. The man knows a thing or two about guns and has partnered with Mossbegr a number of times to create special editions of their shotguns. The latest combination from Mossberg and Clint is Mossberg 940 Tactical Thunder Ranch. 

Thunder Ranch and Mossberg Does it Again 

The Mossberg 940 Thunder Ranch takes Mossberg’s killer semi-auto design and adds a few features Clint decided the gun needed. It retains the reliable semi-auto action, the patent-pending optics cut, the adjustable LOP, and M-LOK sling and accessory point but adds a number of QD slots to the stock and handguard for sling usage. These slots are a more modern option for more modern tactical slings. Up top, the safety has been swapped for a bigger, beefier model with some heavy stippling for positive engagement. 

Of course, it bears the Thunder Ranch logo and a custom cerakote that looks fantastic. While the upgrades seem simple to many, they are the upgrades someone who uses shotguns on the reg will certainly appreciate.

They address my own complaints with the Mossberg Sling points and safety. Of course, I can appreciate this specialized, custom model, but I’m frustrated that I purchased a 940 Tactical a little too early and didn’t get my hands on the Thunder Ranch Model. 

The Thunder Ranch gun is available now, and the MSRP is 1,295 dollars. It’s got a slight premium over the standard 940 Tactical, but I think it’s worth the little extra green. What about you? Does Clint’s take on the Mossberg 940 tickle your fancy enough to give up the extra cash? 

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