It’s a new year, so we got a new Henry. Last year, Henry introduced us to something fairly radical in the form of the Henry Homesteader. The Homesteader is a 9mm carbine. This year, they’ve swung hard and hit us with something new and grand in the form of the H023. How they went from the creative names of the Homesteader and Big Boy to the H023 is beyond me, but I’m not here to complain about names.

The H023 – A Modern Lever Gun

Lever guns have always been a bit limited by the projectiles they fire and the tubular magazine. The H023 diverts from the traditional rifle by introducing real rifle cartridges like the 5.56 and .300 Blackout. Henry had the Long Ranger, so a .223 Lever gun isn’t new, but the H023 is quite a bit different. Instead of using a dinky, expensive, low-capacity magazine, you can just toss a P-MAG into the gun.

Yep, an AR-15 magazine.

It also uses a rotating bolt for clear and consistent extraction. The gun’s lever is ultra smooth and light. It’s a real treat to activate. The magazine release is an ambidextrous design that sits beneath the gun and is pulled downward to free the magazine. At the rear sits a tang safety that’s identical to the model found on the Homesteader. The barrel is also threaded, and they had models with suppressors at the Range Day.

A suppressed lever gun with subsonic .300 Blackout is nice and quiet. There is no action moving back and forth, so it’s about as quiet as a proper rifle gets. The H023 comes with big open sights but can easily accept a scope rail and scope. The iron sights made it easy to hit targets out to fifty yards, which is about as far as the range went.

The H023 hasn’t even popped up on Henry’s website, so we are lacking a few details. Hopefully, it won’t be priced too high. Henry makes good stuff, and the H023 is a radical departure from the traditional lever gun. I need a few hundred rounds and a few days at the range to really figure out and maybe Henry will abide us in the coming months.

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