Taylor Swift doesn’t ordinarily get involved in politics, but when it comes to gun control, she’s made an exception. She supports gun control for the little people across America. Why? Because people shouldn’t have to “fear” violent crime committed by bad guys with guns. As though laws stop the criminally inclined.

However, when it comes to her personal safety and security, Taylor Swift doesn’t walk the walk when it comes to her talk supporting gun control. Far from it, in fact.

She knows in her heart of hearts that the only thing that stops criminals, lunatics and terrorists with evil in their hearts is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.

So she personally doesn’t have to handle those icky guns, she spends millions on armed security to protect her. Millions. While promoting victim disarmament for her fans.  Listening to a pop star for advice on personal security makes about as much sense as asking Swift’s opinion on the most effective techniques for heart surgery.

But again, Taylor Swift isn’t forsaking the proven benefits of firearm ownership when it comes to her security details.

Besides… rules for the little people often don’t apply to Taylor, Inc.

For instance, a whole lot of people are talking about her alleged romance with Travis Kelce, the KC Chiefs’ tight end.

As a “high-net-worth” individual, she spends those big bucks to buy top notch hired guns. And on top of that she benefits from having police officers on her details. They certainly help when it comes to carrying guns into areas where mere mortals like you and I are forbidden from entering with our Roscoes.

For instance, at a Chiefs game at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin recently, Kansas City (Missouri) PD Captain Daniel Graves appeared close by Taylor Swift’s side.

KCPD has a policy against its members working security outside the city limits, but Capt. Graves is married to the chief. That sort of makes the rules more like suggestions.  It does, however serve as one more example of how there are laws for the little people that don’t apply to Taylor Swift, Inc.

 From the KC Star:

A Kansas City police captain who is also the husband of Police Chief Stacey Graves appeared to be working as private security for Taylor Swift when the Kansas City Chiefs played the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin on Sunday.

Capt. Daniel Graves was seen in photographs and videos accompanying Swift as the megastar walked into Lambeau Field with Brittany Mahomes, wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and Lindsay Bell, who is married to Chiefs tight end Blake Bell.

Swift, who has been dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce for several months, has attended several games at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. Sunday was the second time she attended an away game.

Kansas City Police Department policy places restrictions on officers’ outside employment, including private security and off-duty security work at venues such as Arrowhead.

Section IV of policy 630 on “secondary employment” says members are only allowed to work law enforcement-related outside jobs inside the city limits of Kansas City.

No doubt money buys great security for the “high-net-worth” individuals like Taylor Swift.  These same elitists advocate against the little people like us even having the ability to defend ourselves and our families with our own defensive firearms.

Swift’s “special” status appears to apply worldwide. Even in gun-controlled Australia.

Little people in Australia can forget about having guns for self-defense. But not Taylor Swift.

She travels with a whole posse of armed guards. While celebs like Swift eschew media reports about their security details, one tiny blog from the land down under wrote about security at a private performance for about 100 people.

From PaleGingerBabies . . .

SECURITY for Taylor Swift is so tight during her tour of Australia that she has 4 personal bodyguards assigned to her alone.

Nova 969’s Fitzy and Wippa spoke to news.com.au after their Red Room coup with Swift on Hamilton Island last night, where just 100 people were invited to see her perform a very private gig.

The radio duo, the only media outlet in the world to secure an interview with Swift during her 1989 tour, said there was a “machine” behind the singer working to make sure her security and privacy is maintained at all times.

“We were sitting backstage waiting for her to arrive and it was just like the president had entered the building,” Wippa said of the moment Swift arrived backstage with her security in tow.

“I thought I’d seen it all with One Direction. When they came into the Nova building there was security on every level, they changed the traffic lights so the boys could get straight through the city, but this was even bigger, 4 personal security guards with her, just on her.”

Fitzy said there was one of her personal security guards assigned to every door she needed to walk through as well as three security guards watching to see if anyone had their phones out during the gig…

Wippa said her security posse was almost “intimidating.”

Taylor Swift supports gun control for you and me. But don’t listen to her words. Watch her actions. Instead of practicing what she preaches on gun control, she puts her personal safety first by surrounding herself with guns and good guys who carry them. It’s too bad she doesn’t advocate similarly for her fans.

We all – including Taylor Swift – know that the only thing that stops bad men with evil in their hearts is good guys and gals with guns.

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