On Monday January 22, 2024 Staccato 2011 publicly launched their new line of 9mm Luger ammo and a new compact sized pistol model with a four inch barrel, the Staccato C. This product launch happened during the Staccato Range Day event held at their sister company’s Prairie Fire complex an hour west of Las Vegas, in Pahrump, Nevada (the former location of Frontsite).

The New Ammo

The Texas based company is now officially in the ammo business. They’re selling two types of 9mm Luger factory loaded ammunition: the 124-grain FMJ “Range” load and their 125-grain “Match” load that uses a Hornady HAP (Hornady Action Pistol) bullet. Both cartridges are loaded in new, brass cases with boxer primers.

The 124-grain FMJ cartridge which ships in a white box is intended for general purpose shooting and training and works well in any 9mm pistol. While I haven’t done any comprehensive testing of this ammo, I fired a box between two Smith And Wesson pistols I recently reviewed prior to SHOT. Both of them printed very consistent groups with the Staccato Range ammo, so if mean radius means anything to you, I was impressed with what I saw.

In addition to this general purpose cartridge, Staccato 2011 tested and developed their match load (found in a Navy blue box) and tailored it to work efficiently with the chamber scheme of their 2011 handgun line. The Hornady HAP projectile used in factory loaded match cartridge is based on Hornady’s classic XTP bullet profile, save for its expansion skives. After all, those aren’t necessary in a match cartridge. Nonetheless the Hornady HAP’s truncated cone profile lends itself well to reliable feeding while the bullet’s gilding jacket material and swaged core help with concentricity and accuracy. I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly evaluate the Staccato Match cartridge, but I did fire some through their newly released Staccato C pistol that morning at their range-event. With a nominal muzzle velocity of 1,050 FPS, it’s fairly soft shooting and easy to control during rapid fire strings.

The New Pistol

The Staccato C takes after its smaller sized sibling the Staccato CS. The Staccato C has a four inch barrel and uses a slightly larger magazine that holds 18 rounds of 9mm. Furthermore, it’s grip is more in line with other contemporary pistol designs as opposed to the 9mm/38 Super sized 2011 wider grip modules. Shooting the 125-grain Staccato Match ammo through this gun felt very pleasant and I wound’t mind getting my hands on one for a more thorough review.

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