I’m a fan of the 5.7x28mm round. Civilian loads aren’t quite as much fun as the military/LE loads but its still a flat-shooting, long-range (for a handgun) round. The FN Five-seveN is a fantastic gun but it’s price point puts it put of a lot of folks reach. Tisas USA’s new offering, the PX-57 changes all of that.

The PX-57 is a polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol with a Glock compatible fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear. An optics-ready version is forthcoming. Magazine capacity is a generous 20 rounds, and it ships with two magazines. It has a 4.8-inch barrel and  QPQ/Tenifer finish on the slide. Best of all is a very reasonable MSRP of $460 and they’ll be shipping in February 2024. The PX-57 isn’t even on Tisas USA’s website yet, but you can see some info on the main Tisas page.

I had a brief chance to shoot the PX-57 this week and was impressed, especially for the price. It’s a well-built pistol with clean, modern lines and felt good in the hand. I confirmed the 20-round capacity because honestly it felt thin in my hand. Not in a bad way, but in a “I’m surprised it’s a double stack” way. Controls were easy to reach, and the trigger was very good. Accuracy at the pistol ranges we were shooting was also seemed very good, although we weren’t doing any serious testing there. It’s mostly familiarization fire. I’d have loved to try dinging steel silhouettes at 100 yards with it.

The 5.7 is a fun round and the more pistols we see on the market for it the more ammunition support we get from the industry, making availability better and ammo prices come down. The Tisas PX-57 has a great price point and set of features and should help putting 5.7s into the hands of more people to further that movement.

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