Bushmaster was once lost in the debris and destruction caused by Cerberus and the Freedom Group. Yet, like a Phoenix, Bushmaster has risen once more. Bushmaster is under new ownership and is no longer on the East Coast. The new Bushmaster is attempting to revive the classic brand. While it remains to be seen where Bushmaster stands, you can’t say they aren’t trying. Bushmaster has returned to the classic drawing board and is now producing an awesome retro rifle called the XM15A2.

As A2 would imply, it’s a classic replica of the A2 rifle. The XM15A2 comes complete with a 20-inch barrel and rifle-length gas system. Across the top is a fixed carry handle with A2 iron sights. It stays faithful to the classic A2 design with its plastic furniture and stock that’s just hair too long. This was almost an exact match for the rifle I used in boot camp…except they still have their finish. I was more than excited to shoot this rifle, and it was the first rifle I fired at the Industry Day At the Range.

The XM15A2 – A Classic Reborn

Too many people have spent their lives never shooting a proper AR-15 with a rifle-length barrel and gas system. It’s remarkably smooth and overall an excellent experience. The gun barely moves between shots, and it’s just smooth all the way around. The XM15A2 is exactly that. The range only went out to about fifty yards, but I had no problem reaching out and hitting that small steel target over and over again.

Using those classic irons is a great way to be reminded of how far we’ve come. Still, they are more than competent, and the long sight radius makes placing accurate shots easy. The XM15A2 is a return to tradition the industry needs. As much as it makes me feel like an old man to have the rifle I fired in boot camp be considered retro, I’m all about embracing the old and introducing it to the next generation.

While I can’t tell you that Bushmaster is back to its roots, I can say this gun makes it seem like they are off to a great start.

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