KelTec always has something creative up its sleeve. As much as people often want to hate on the Florida-based company, you can’t say they make boring guns. As a fellow Florida man, I can’t help but think it’s something in our drinking water that makes their weapons so appealing to me. This year, we saw two MP7-like weapons, one from Tommy Tactical and another from PSA, but you might have missed the MP7 we have at home that was chilling at the KelTec booth.

The MP7 We Have At Home

It wasn’t a new gun, but one of their existing models that sat at the core of the oddball MP7 wannabe. The gun itself was a CP33, if you are unfamiliar with the CP33 it’s a .22 LR handgun with a massive magazine and a fairly space-age gun appearance. It’s often a joke that calibers like 4.6×33 and 5.7x28mm are hyped up .22s, but in the case of this MP7 wannabe, it’s an actual .22 LR.

Wrapped around the CP33 sits a kit from Farrow Tech. I’m not very familiar with the brand, but their kit on the CP33 was eye-catching enough to make me do a double-take. After a brief explanation and a little time to get my grubby hands on the gun, I was pretty impressed.

The kit consists mainly of a shroud that attaches over the CP33 and gives the gun a very distinct appearance. The ejection port is nice and large to ensure clear and consistent ejection. The shroud offers a full-length optics rail for optics and accessories. The shroud also has a few M-LOK slots for additional accessories. The bottom portion even has a hand stop to prevent getting a dose of pain when your sweaty hand inevitably slips.

The brace is supported by two metal arms, and it ejects with the press of a button. The brace collapses to form a very tight and small kit. There is also an optional magazine extension to really top off that MP7 look. The Farrow Tech kit is basically a kit car for a rimfire. The CP33 is already a fairly fun gun, and I can’t help but feel this kit would improve that fun factor.

Price-wise, the kit sits anywhere from $300 to $500, depending on your options. This is quite expensive to mount to a gun that costs about the same as the kit. I don’t own a CP33, but the kit has me eyeing one. Do I need another rimfire? Especially an expensive one? Probably not, but I sure as heck want it.

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