Harrington & Richardson previewed their new wood AR stocks at SHOT Show 2024. They teased these on social media awhile back but they’re ready to roll now. The wood stock stock sets are made by American-Icon, a veteran owned company that uses all US sourced materials.

The stocks consist of A1 pattern triangular handguards, and A1 style grip with an A2 length buttstock. They’re available in either maple with an Aberdeen Brown finish or black walnut with a a distressed, darkened “BattleBorn” finish.

In addition to the stock sets H&R plans on releasing full M16A1 pattern rifles using the Aberdeen Brown stocks with gray anodized finish and chrome bolt carriers. Did vintage M16’s actually have wood stocks like this? No, they did not. Should they have? Yes, yes they should have. It’s a darn good looking rifle and has a classy, retro vibe that looks like something that should have existed in the 1960s. I built my own retro rifle using a set of American-Icon stocks recently, and I like it a lot. But, I think after seeing the H&R version, I like theirs even more. No prices are set yet but keep an eye on the H&R website for drops of the stocks and full rifles.

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