Rockland County cops are “deployed” and “ready to react” if Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams tries to bus hundreds of migrants to the quiet suburban community, warns the county’s top pol.

“[Adams] never asked for an opinion, he just said, ‘Screw you, Rockland County,’ ” county Exec Ed Day railed to WABC-770 AM radio host Rob Astorino, referring to Hizzoner’s plan to ship 340 migrant men to local Rockland hotels to ease the city’s crisis.

“Well, here is my response,” Day said. ” ‘Mr. Adams, you can try to run us over, [and] I will reach up and grab you by the throat for the people of Rockland County.

“Within that cadre of people who are coming here, who are not vetted, we have child rapists, we have criminals, we have MS-13,” Day said. “There’s a reason why there’s a process.”

Accusing Adams of having the “utter audacity” to suggest the disruptive move and acting like “a bully” who blindsided Rockland with the plan, Day added, “At the end of the day, this guy [Adams] turns around and thinks that we’re just going to roll over.

“You are not getting away with this. You picked the wrong person to fight with,” the GOPer said, addressing New York City’s Democratic mayor.

More than 60,000 immigrants have arrived in New York City in the past year, overwhelming the city’s shelter system and prompting a decision to bus hundreds of male migrants to upstate communities.
Christopher Sadowski

Migrants arriving in New York City.
New York City officials said they plan to ship hundreds of the migrants to upstate hotels and facilities but are getting heated pushback.
Christopher Sadowski

Day’s rant comes after Adams hatched a plan to send the migrants north because the city’s own shelter system reached a limit on the number of facilities it could open to house the migrants.

The men were to be housed at the 170-room Armoni Inn and Suites in Orangeburg.

Then Day declared a state of emergency Saturday and issued a decree barring other municipalities from housing people in the county, while Orangeburg officials also plotted to foil the plan.

“Right now, our state of emergency is in effect. We have law enforcement deployed in various areas of the county, ready to react to anything that comes up to this county,” the county exec said.

“For starters, we are establishing a licensing requirement for all hotels,” Day said during his radio interview. “If these hotels are not licensed and approved by my office, they cannot function and operate. It’s a $2,000-per-day, per-immigrant fine. That’s almost $68,000 daily that we will levy.

Ed Day
Rockland County Executive Ed Day railed against Mayor Eric Adams’ “utter audacity” in his plan to house hundreds of migrant men in his suburban county — saying officials got hardly any advance notice of the plan.
Linkedin/Ed Day

“Right now, our state of emergency is in effect. We have law enforcement deployed in various areas of the county, ready to react to anything that comes up to this county.

“This is not about immigrants and about children and about being kind or being good,” he said. “There is a legitimate process to do that.”

Day said Rockland officials were only contacted late Friday about New York City’s plan.

More than 60,000 migrants have arrived in the Big Apple since spring 2022, with more than 37,000 housed in city-run or city-funded shelters and facilities, according to city officials.

So far the city has opened 122 emergency shelters and eight large humanitarian relief centers to handle the influx, with the plan to send new migrants to Rockland and Orange counties.

police car
Day said local cops are “ready to react” if Adams tries to send migrants.
Mark Lieb

Armoni Inn and Suites in Orangeburg.
New York City officials plan to house more than 300 migrant men at the Armoni Inn and Suites in the Rockland County town of Orangeburg — drawing a sharp rebuke and a vow to fight the move by local officials.
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Officials at City Hall on Sunday declined comment on Day’s comments and referred The Post to a statement released Friday.

According to the statement, the city would only ship “up to 300 people” upstate, with the migrants having the choice of whether to be relocated voluntarily.

Officials also said the city would foot the bill for four months of shelter at the upstate hotels, along with meals, health care, laundry and other living expenses.

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