“She’s hiring more staff. Again, not something you would do if you’re done in December,” said one of those Republicans, an elected GOP official in the state who felt for months she would reverse course. “You wouldn’t be like adding so many more town halls just at the filing deadline if you were done in December. You wouldn’t be doing franking mail if you’re done in December. So she’s running again.”

Spartz told POLITICO she is “getting a lot of pressure to run again, so need to decide soon.”

If Spartz does seek reelection, it would throw a major wrench into the plans of half a dozen other candidates seeking to succeed her.

Spartz announced her
initial decision to retire a year ago this month, citing “two high school girls back home.” At the time, she had briefly entertained a possible Senate bid to replace Sen. Mike Braun, who is running for governor.

Spartz’s indecision has befuddled Indiana Republicans. She has told at least one of her possible successors that she had no plans to run within recent weeks, according to a person familiar with those conversations.

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