An Oklahoma state trooper is lucky to be alive after a speeding car tore through his traffic stop, sending him flying through the air on the side of the highway.

Trooper Jesse Gregory miraculously walked away from the terrifying crash last month, telling “America’s Newsroom” Thursday that he remembers everything about the “scary” moment.

“That’s our worst fear on the side of the road, is obviously getting hit by a car,” he said. “I remember the entire thing, and honestly, as soon as it happened… I immediately knew I just got hit. And the biggest fear was, how bad?”

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released graphic dash camera video last week capturing the moment Gregory was speaking to the driver of his traffic stop along I-40 at Cimarron Road when another SUV crashed into them. 

“This video is difficult to watch,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol wrote on Facebook when sharing the footage.

Gregory is then seen rolling over, popping up and running out of frame immediately after the shocking collision. He said at that moment adrenaline must have kicked in as he immediately knew he needed to call for help and make sure everyone was OK.

All three people involved in the incident were treated and released according to Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “Our investigators are looking into the cause of this crash and the investigation is ongoing,” they added. 


The heart-stopping encounter was the last thing Gregory expected as his shift was ending that sunny afternoon, crediting the driver he had stopped for pulling off the highway in the safest way possible.

“The fact he put his blinker on and we traveled all the way to the outside lane –  which we love –  so when I do make a passenger side approach, I’m not having to worry about traffic or watching cars. And so, in my head, I was like, boom, that’s brownie points. You know, this guy cares about my safety, his safety. You know, we’re not going to try to stop on the inside shoulder.”

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is using the video to remind drivers of the “consequences of distracted or impaired driving and the importance of the slow down move over law.” 

“It’s something that happens way too frequently,” Gregory said.

Fox News’ Danielle Wallace contributed to this report.

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