Nikki Haley is confident in her chances to defeat former President Trump and become the Republican presidential nominee after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ended his campaign. 

Haley joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss the New Hampshire primary, vowing that a loss to Trump on Tuesday would not spell the end of her bid. Haley stressed that “70% of Americans don’t want a Trump-Biden rematch” and the disapproval ratings for both candidates are “through the roof.”

“We’re going to finish this,” said Haley, adding that she intends to go on to her home state of South Carolina and the Super Tuesday contests no matter what happens in New Hampshire. 


“I’m not going anywhere. Keep in mind, he got 50,000 votes in a state of 3 million [in Iowa]. Is that what we are going to say decides in the country? I know the elites say we all need to coalesce around him. This is not a coronation. This is a democracy. We are going to have a strong showing today in New Hampshire. We’re heading to South Carolina … and then we are on to Super Tuesday,” she told hosts Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy live in Bedford.

After DeSantis dropped out, Haley’s campaign received a spike in donations, which she said were “a million and a half dollars in small donations from all over the country.”

Now that the primary is between Haley and Trump, the former president said it is “time for the Republican Party to come together,” which Haley responded by saying, “in his dreams.” 

However, most polls indicate that Haley remains double digits behind Trump with hours to go until the polls open in New Hampshire.

Trump, who is running a third straight time for the White House, stands at 57% support in a Suffolk University, Boston Globe and NBC10 in Boston daily tracking poll released on Monday morning, with Haley at 38%. Both candidates received two-point bumps with the departure of DeSantis, who was a distant third in New Hampshire in the single digits.

Trump held a similar lead in a Monmouth University/Washington Post survey conducted Jan. 16-20. The former president stood at 52% support, with Haley at 34% and DeSantis at 8%.

Trump was also up by double-digits in a University of New Hampshire/CNN poll that was in the field from Jan. 16-19, with the former president at 50%, Haley at 39%, and DeSantis at 6%.

Trump scored a convincing victory in last Monday night’s low-turnout Iowa caucuses, the first contest on the GOP presidential nominating calendar. He grabbed 51% of the vote, 30 points ahead of DeSantis and Haley.

Haley has said that she is not interested in being vice president. 

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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