If you haven’t been on Nick Freitas’s Instagram page where the rising political and social media star (he has more than 1.1 million followers) regularly posts, you’re missing out on both his mild-mannered humor as well as his anti-gun argument destroying logic that he uses in attempting to stem the Democratic tide of bad legislation in Virginia. It’s there that the former Green Beret combat veteran has served in the House of Delegates since 2016.

He is unabashedly pro 2A, pro responsibility and has some of the most educated and logical arguments to be found in support of gun rights in our country.

Freitas recently spoke during the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) Lobby Day, an event the VCDL holds each year where members meet with their representatives and listen to speakers at a closing rally. Of course, this year, it appears those citizens who spoke to Democratic legislators who supposedly represent them fell on deaf ears as to date, the plethora of gun bills being proposed and voted on in the state have been supported by every single Democratic member of the house.

“There is this idea…we’re just obsessed with guns. When in reality if you actually look at the philosophy behind why we’re here, what we’re truly obsessed with is the idea of individual liberty and personal responsibility” Freitas told the crowd gathered at the event. “Our founders universally recognized the right of an individual, the right of a free person to be able to defend themselves and their families. But they also recognized it was actually necessary to the security of a free state. You can’t have a free country, ultimately, if the citizens in that country are completely dependent upon that government for their protection. You can’t completely outsource your defense to somebody else.”

In noting the obvious lies and hypocrisy of anti-gun Democrats Freitas was clear.

“I get told repeatedly, Nick you’re lying, nobody wants to take your guns, we just want ‘common sense’ gun control. But the moment they’re in power, the moment they’re in power, HB 2 takes our guns. It effectively takes your guns,” Freitas said of the bill recently passed by the house to outlaw assault weapons in the state.

“Should we trust when we get told nobody wants to take your firearms, because the same people that are saying that are now trying to do it,” Freitas said. “What it comes down to is this, it’s Nick, trust us to provide for your security even though we lied to you about what we actually want to do. So why would I trust them? … Logically I shouldn’t have any obligation to do so.”

Check out the full video of his speech.

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