SUMMIT COUNTY, COLORADO — Shawne and Shannon Leach experienced a terrifying incident when their 14-month-old cur mix, Fergus, was attacked by a mountain lion in their backyard. The incident occurred near the Snake River on the evening of January 27. During dinner, the couple heard an unusual yelp from their yard and discovered blood, prompting them to search for their pet in the snowy darkness.

Shawne traversed the snow on her hands and knees, while Shannon followed on foot. Their search led them across the frozen Snake River to the Keystone Ranch Golf Course. There, Shawne spotted Fergus’ fluorescent collar and the looming mountain lion. In a desperate attempt to save their dog, Shawne urged Shannon to shoot at the lion. He fired two warning shots, the second of which scared the lion away. Fergus, injured with an eye hanging out, walked back to them.

The couple received help from neighbors, Boyd and Debora Mitchell, who drove them to an emergency veterinary hospital in Lakewood. Fergus underwent surgery, and while his eye couldn’t be saved, he survived without major neurological or limb damage. Colorado Parks and Wildlife conducted a search for the mountain lion but were unable to find it.

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