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BEAVERTON, Ore. — Leupold & Stevens, Inc., provider of the world’s most rugged, lightweight, and clear sport optics, is pleased to announce the launch of its new, game-changing laser rangefinder: the RX-5000.

NEW RX-5000

The RX-5000 TBR/W is the rangefinder for the modern hunter. It delivers an incredible 5,000 yard ranging distance and is packed with other new features. What truly sets it apart is its integration with the also-new Leupold Control app, which uses GPS technology to remotely drop location pins to your phone using digital maps like onX Hunt.

“A rangefinder is obviously an incredibly important tool to have with you in the field–but what we’ve done with the RX-5000 shows just how valuable it can be as a way finder or navigational tool,” said Eric Overstreet, Technology Product Line Manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc.
“Pinning lets you mark your target on a variety of digital mapping systems. Just aim, range, and pin. Any location you range will instantly show up as a waypoint on your digital map. Whether you’re working your way through the backcountry or trying to locate an animal you’ve shot, it’s an invaluable, time-saving feature.”

Pinning is established through use of the Leupold Control app, which is free for download in App stores. The Leupold Control app allows you to drop pins in compatible mapping systems–onX Hunt, Google Maps, and Apple Maps–and adjust the settings on your RX-5000. Among the RX-5000’s bevy of other features is Long Range mode. Thanks to the incredible DNA engine, the RX-5000 can reach 5,000 yards on reflective targets, 3,100 yards on trees, and 2,000 yards deer-sized game out of the box. Using Long Range mode, it can extend those to exceed 5,000 yards on non-reflective targets–nearly three miles of ranging capability. To assist with using Long Range mode, the RX-5000 ships with an included tripod saddle and can be fired remotely using the Leupold Control app.


The RX-5000 will accurately range in the snow, rain, and fog, thanks to its Last Target mode. It provides exceptionally bright and clear images with a high light transmission red OLED display and makes ranging long distances easy with its 8x magnification. The unit’s on-board True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology, meanwhile, provides angle compensated shoot-to distances. TBR/W technology takes precision to the next level by offering 25 selectable ballistics groups that account for your preferred cartridge, helping you dial in the
exact range of your target. You can also program the rangefinder to display holdovers in either MIL or MOA, if desired.

Using the rifleman’s rule on an angled 600-yard shot could result in up to a 15-inch margin of error when compared to the dead-on accuracy of Leupold’s TBR/W. And with TBR/W’s 10-mph wind holds, you’ll have all the information you need to experience more first shot hits. Combine that accuracy with Leupold’s Custom Dial System (CDS) and you’ll be on target in seconds.

“We set out to build the very best hunting rangefinder possible–and the features here show it,” Overstreet said. “The RX-5000, combined with the Pinning feature and the Leupold Control app, is the ultimate solution for backcountry hunters.” The RX-5000 is waterproof and extreme-climate tested. It is backed by Leupold’s Electronics Warranty.

For more information on Leupold products, please visit us at Leupold.com.


Elevate your hunt with the RX-5000 TBR/W rangefinder. This cutting-edge device seamlessly connects to the Leupold Control App, allowing you to adjust its settings, customize display options, and take accurate ranges, all with a few quick taps on your mobile phone. But the real selling point of the RX-5000 is its pinning feature. Thanks to its GPS technology and our Long Range mode, you can now easily drop pins on a variety of digital mapping systems from over three miles away.


  • Provides ballistically calculated ranges for uphill/downhill shooting, using True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology
  • Delivers fast accurate readings with the DNA ranging engine
  • Provides exceptionally bright and clear images with a high light transmission red OLED display
  • Accurately ranges in snow, rain, and fog using Last Target mode
  • Allows you to place digital waypoints on a variety of mapping systems
  • Makes ranging long distances easy using 8x magnification
  • Boasts 5,000-yard ranging distance on reflective objects and 3,100 yards on trees
  • Maximizes durability with a high-impact aluminum chassis
  • Stays secure in all conditions thanks to easy-grip rubber armor
  • Mounts easily with a 1/4-20 tripod adapter
  • Waterproof and extreme climate tested


  • 8x magnification
  • High light transmission red OLED display
  • +/- 1/2 yard accuracy to 125 yards
  • Last Target mode
  • Built-in inclinometer
  • True Ballistic Range with Wind (TBR/W) technology
    * Ballistic compensation system to 800 yards
    * Wind hold outputs
  • Fully armored body
  • High-performance DNA laser engine
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Uses 1 CR2 battery
  • Three selectable reticles
  • Waterproof

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