PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA — A juvenile was apprehended by Pittsburgh police following a robbery and subsequent shootout on Saturday afternoon in the Beechview area. The incident, which fortunately resulted in no injuries, began when the suspect had a dispute with staff at Las Palmas grocery on Broadway Avenue and stole a tip jar.

After being pursued by the employees to Hampshire and Rutherford avenues, the suspect produced a firearm and exchanged shots with them before fleeing. Police, with the aid of a K9 unit, located the individual in the vicinity of Belasco Avenue.

The juvenile was then taken for a medical evaluation prior to interrogation by detectives. Additionally, a second K9 unit discovered a firearm near the arrest site. Investigations into the incident are still in progress.

The employees giving chase and firing back at the suspect could have had a deadly ending for anyone involved. The act of chasing a fleeing suspect is a grey area for some, but in my world, you’ll never catch me doing it. There is no way to know what that person is capable of doing, and risking your life for money in a tip jar just doesn’t add up for me.

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