A 25-year-old woman who previously worked as Jimmie Allen’s day-to-day manager is suing the country singer for alleged sexual abuse that lasted for a year and half while she was working with him. Allen has denied the allegations, saying he intends “to mount a vigorous defense to her claims.”

The lawsuit was filed in Tennessee federal court on Thursday, claiming the “Don’t You Wanna Know” singer “manipulated and used his power over Plaintiff’s job to sexually harass and abuse her,” according to court documents obtained by Fox News Digital. 

After sexually harassing the plaintiff – known only as Jane Doe – for nearly a year, Allen raped her following a dinner they attended after the taping of an “American Idol” episode in March 2021, the documents allege.

The complaint says she woke up naked in her hotel room, bleeding and with Allen in bed next to her, allegedly insisting she take a Plan B emergency contraception pill. The woman said she had no memory of what happened despite only having a couple of glasses of wine the night before.


She claims he forcibly kissed her when she tried to leave, saying, “You’re mine now.”

“Plaintiff felt mortified and humiliated,” the complaint says. “She realized she had lost her virginity through no choice of her own and felt she had betrayed her faith.”

Allen has denied the allegations, calling the relationship consensual in a statement sent to Fox News Digital through his lawyer. 

“It is deeply troubling and hurtful that someone I counted as one of my closest friends, colleagues and confidants would make allegations that have no truth to them whatsoever,” he said.

“I acknowledge that we had a sexual relationship – one that lasted for nearly two years. During that time she never once accused me of any wrongdoing, and she spoke of our relationship and friendship as being something she wanted to continue indefinitely.”

“Only after things ended between us, did she hire a lawyer to reach out and ask for money, which leads me to question her motives,” the statement continued. “The simple fact is, her accusations are not only false, but also extremely damaging. I’ve worked incredibly hard to build my career, and I intend to mount a vigorous defense to her claims and take all other legal action necessary to protect my reputation.”

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The documents say that the plaintiff’s employer, Wide Open Music (WOM), fired her after she asked to be reassigned to another artist after alleging she had been sexually abused and raped. Her lawyers also claim that WOM never investigated her claims and were aware that he had a history of inappropriate behavior toward women but assigned her to him anyway.

WOM and founder Ash Bowers are also named in the lawsuit.

“First, any assertion that she ever raised the existence of a sexual or physical relationship between Mr. Allen and her (or that Wide Open Music or I was aware of any such relationship) before October 4, 2022, is patently and objectively false,” Bowers said a statement to Fox News Digital.

He continued, “Second, when she brought up this allegation on October 4, 2022, we immediately ended our professional relationship with Mr. Allen. Third, she was the day-to-day manager for Mr. Allen. Once WOM no longer managed Mr. Allen, that role was gone and, furthermore, WOM has transitioned out of artist management completely to development and publishing. Accordingly, any claim that our professional relationship with her ended due to retaliation is also false.” 

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The plaintiff’s lawyer, Elizabeth Fegan, said they “intend to show that WOM knew that Allen had a history of questionable behavior around women but did nothing to safeguard our client as she embarked upon her first professional job out of college. The executives at WOM promised our client mentorship and guidance in a new role, but instead she was offered up to Allen for his predation.” 

Fegan added, “Allen’s behavior is a text-book example of grooming and coercion. He systematically broke this woman’s will by forcing her to believe she had no control over the situation. He made her believe that if she stood up for herself, he would ensure she would never work in the industry again, or worse.”


Allen’s other alleged abuses included grabbing her breasts and bottom and putting his hands down her pants in public without her consent, raping her while choking her and videotaping encounters without telling her, the documents claim.

“Plaintiff expressed in words and actions that Jimmie Allen’s conduct was unwelcome, including pushing him away, sitting where he could not reach her, telling him she was uncomfortable and no, and crying uncontrollably,” the complaint says. “However, Allen made clear that Plaintiff’s job was dependent on her staying silent about his conduct.”

The court documents says that WOM told her to limit her time with Allen to “essential trips,” but “this instruction was meaningless given the role of a day-to-day artist manager is to act as a gatekeeper and frontman at the artist’s events and appearances – making all such trips essential.”

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Jane Doe is suing him for assault, sexual battery, false imprisonment, sex trafficking and emotional distress. Wide Open Music and Bowers are being sued for participating in a venture engaged in sex trafficking and gross negligence.

Last month, Allen and his wife, Alexis Gale, announced they were separating and also expecting their third child together.

“After much thought and reflection in recent months, Lex & I have made the decision to separate,” Allen, 37, wrote on his Instagram. “As we navigate this life change, we can also share that we will be welcoming another child together later this year.”

He added, “Our number one priority is and always will be ensuring that our children are healthy, happy and loved, and we remain committed to co-parenting with love and respect for one another. In light of our growing family, we respectfully request privacy during this time.”

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