Fox News host Jesse Watters points out how the media reacted to the George Floyd riots, Nicholas Sandmann’s MAGA hat incident, compared to its current coverage of anti-Israel protests on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 


JESSE WATTERS: The Iranians are offering scholarships now to American protesters. A terrorist state wants to sponsor these little Johnny Jihads who swear allegiance to Hamas on the quad. Why isn’t the FBI and media unmasking these traitors? 

A woman’s life got turned upside down and inside out because she opened up a hair salon during the pandemic just to feed her family. No one’s even a little curious about this radical crew. There’s a terror nexus staring us right in the face. Bill Ayers, former Weather Underground, former domestic terrorist, the guy’s group bombed the Pentagon, he’s out there inspiring the University of Chicago brigade with stories of revolutions past. And he’s a professor at the school there. No wonder it’s out of control. Stanford University called in the FBI when a man wearing a Hamas headband was spotted on campus. Nick Sandmann wore a MAGA hat and the media wrote 100,000 words about him. This guy with a Hamas headband flies right under the radar. 

During the George Floyd riots, America saw four months of mayhem. Thousands of cops injured, two dozen dead, $2 billion in damage, almost no one went to prison, mob rule won. Four years later, they have the same expectations. Biden can say ‘don’t’ all he wants, our enemies won’t listen to him. Why would our citizens? You can smack an old lady’s head off and walk out with no bail.

No one’s worried about going to jail for a protest. Do you think the foreign exchange students hoisting the Palestinian flag are worried about being deported? Biden hasn’t deported anybody. They see a justice system focused on prosecuting Republicans, not them.

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