Fox News host Jesse Watters breaks down the showdown between the Biden White House and Texas as the Lone Star State seeks to defend itself against what critics call a border invasion on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: Nearly 250 years ago, our Founding Fathers debated the future of the government. The Federalists wanted a strong, centralized federal government. Anti-Federalists such as Thomas Jefferson believed that government power should be derived from the individual states joining together, and debates between the two schools of thought flourished in town halls and village squares. 

The topic was so contentious that oftentimes swords and bayonets were drawn. But ultimately, the Founding Fathers found a compromise. Some powers were assigned to the federal government, like regulating trade. Other powers were assigned to the state governments, like education, and other powers were shared, like the power to tax. The federal government has the power to wage war and under Article Four, Section Four of the Constitution, the United States shall protect each state against invasion. 

But what if the federal government fails to protect the states against invasion? Well, the Constitution says the states can protect themselves from invasion when they’re actually invaded or face an imminent threat. And the Supreme Courts agreed, in several cases reaffirming the rights of states to use military force in its own defense. You judge with your own eyes if the United States is being invaded. Foreign nationals are breaching our shores by boat and then sprinting through the beaches and just disappearing onto the streets. I mean, these foreigners have no right to break into our country. That’s not immigration. What you’re seeing on the screen is what every country in the world calls an invasion. They say it’s not violent, but drugs, sex and human smuggling and all of the crime and devastation associated with that is violent. That’s what violence is. 

So why is Biden treating the border like a turnstile for the third world?


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