A recent YouTube video by CBS News explores a troubling trend: increased road deaths in the United States. Interestingly, the video inadvertently kills the whole “ITS THE GUNS ITS THE GUNS ITS THE GUNS” argument behind gun control. But, just like with guns, the “experts” want to ignore the deep-seated problems that drive violence and instead try to solve the problem with raw government power flexing.

The video very clearly identifies a big part of the problem: stress and anger. The sad fact is that since the pandemic, Americans are just angry people. It’s not that we’re fundamentally bad or have anger management issues, but there’s a lot of stress on us. Inflation is crappy no matter how the Biden administration cooks the books. Housing is getting more expensive. Interest rates are high, which makes the whole situation even worse. Then, on top of all that, people who have been able to (successfully) work from home are now increasingly being forced back into the office (“Corporate accounts payable, Nina Speaking. Just a moment.“)

Given that many people are stressed out, struggling and distracted, is it any surprise some people aren’t handling it well on the roads?

But, instead of acknowledging the need for deeper reforms, like fixing the economy, expanding infrastructure and trying to help people feel better, the experts they interviewed think that doubling down on big government is the answer. Automated speed and red light cameras, tougher penalties and making roads harder to drive fast on are all pushed as solutions that “work in other countries” (sounds familiar?).

Also, young men are to blame for more of this than others, they say.

Putting Band-Aids On Bullet Holes

Being stressed out sucks. Struggling to get by sucks. Being distracted from all of this makes it suck more. The idea that adding more stress and worry onto life with speed cameras, harsh penalties, and frustrating road designs that intentionally interrupt the flow of traffic would help with this sounds insane.

Sadly, we see this same kind of thinking happen with guns. We’ve had guns for as long as we’ve had a United States. We’ve had full-semi-auto “assault weapons” for about as long as we’ve had cars. But, when there’s a sudden uptick in death and destruction, the “experts” tell us that the tools are to blame. For guns, they want to ban and restrict as much as possible. For cars, they want to make driving even shittier so that more people will ride transit or just stay home in their approved 15-minute travel sector.

If we were all just good little automatons, ate the bugs, followed the rules, and slept in the pod, they could make us all happier. But, not with a better life as much as happy pills.

In the case of both cars and guns, the problem isn’t the cars or the guns. It’s the people. And, instead of taking care of people to make things better, they want to paper over the problem by doing things that make us stress out more. I don’t know about you, but I’m not playing this game.

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