Newsweek breathlessly reports on a Christian School in Iowa that’s training up some of its teachers to pack heat in their schools. The purpose, of course, is to provide an active response to a murderous lunatic, terrorist or criminal until law enforcement can arrive. In other words, give teachers and staffers the ability to use guns in self-defense at the schools.

Given what happened days ago at Perry High School in Iowa when a transgendered misfit and LBGTQ activist murdered two and wounded six in the seven minutes it took law-enforcement to arrive, the Siouxland Christian School had opted to take security seriously.

From Newsweek:

A school in Sioux City, Iowa, has told parents that it is now arming teachers so they can actively respond to a gunman in the event of a school shooting.

In a letter from Siouxland Christian School, published in full by local news channel KTIV on January 6, superintendent Lindsay Laurich said armed staff “are trained to go directly to the threat” and would “allow teachers and students to get to safe positions and will provide an active response until law enforcement is able to arrive.”

It came just days after a deadly shooting elsewhere in the state. Two people—including the principal—were killed and six others injured after gunfire broke out at Perry High School. Authorities identified 17-year-old student Dylan Butler as the shooter, who also died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.

Laurich referenced the shooting in Perry in her letter, writing that it was “an unfortunate reality that schools have become the target of those who wish to do evil.”…

Laurich told parents that the decision to arm staff had been “a difficult one,” but in the event a shooting were to occur at the school, “I need to be able to stand in front of you and say that we have done all that we can do. This is a necessary step we must take…”

Arming staff in private institutions like Siouxland Christian School is an easier process as they do not require the approval of local lawmakers, as public schools do.

Kudos to Laurich and the leadership of that Iowa school.

Not everyone feels quite as warm and fuzzy about protecting defenseless children.

Yes, Giffords. Why do we think teachers will have better marksmanship that police?

Rob Romano from FPC had a great answer. “Because they don’t have qualified immunity.”  But not only that, those teachers know who they are defending by name. Why those teachers and staffers might even have their own children in that school.

We’ve covered how parents must become proactive with their kids’ and grandkids’ school security. By prodding school officials to take steps to keep the kids safe, including locked doors and screening visitors, are two big steps all districts can take to start hardening their facilities and saving lives if the wolf shows up at the door.

Yes, the life you save might be that of your child.

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