Happy Monday, everybody. You look fantastic. I’m lying. So let’s talk about Derek Chauvin. You remember, the Minneapolis cop convicted for killing George Floyd? Chauvin was just stabbed in federal prison, likely by some inmate wanting to gain street cred with his cell block or MSNBC. Now, I’m not easy to shock. You’re talking to a guy, after all, who once saw Cavuto without makeup. But what an eerie coincidence that Chauvin gets stabbed just as a new documentary examines his arrest and prosecution comes out, and the documentary makes some amazing claims. And if they’re accurate, could expose a pretty big lie, a lie that cost lives, including Black ones and billions of dollars in damages, and is at the heart of the breakdown of law and order. And the reason why drugstore deodorant is locked up but criminals are as free as a bag of coke in the West Wing. 

So let’s do a quick recap of the facts in case you were in a coma or you’re Joe Scarborough. In 2020, George Floyd tried to pass counterfeit bills at a grocery store while full of enough drugs to make Charlie Sheen drool. Thanks to his erratic behavior and the fake money, the shopkeeper called the cops. That’s it. Those are about all the facts the public got. After that, our view of the case was based only on the famous video where Chauvin has his knee on the back of Floyd’s head. What we were told was that what Chauvin did in arresting Floyd was counter to all police procedure, that Floyd was nonviolent and hadn’t resisted. And if you even thought otherwise, well, you’re racist. But according to this documentary, all that seems questionable now. For instance, according to the film, Chauvin wasn’t even the arresting officer. The officer who did make the arrest was Black. According to the film, important body cam footage of Floyd violently resisting arrest was kept from the public for months, and Judge Peter Cahill kept much of the key body cam footage from ever being introduced at trial. 

Also, according to the documentary, the footage shows Floyd with at least one pill in his mouth, which he is shown swallowing to avoid being caught with it. Now, this is what body cams are for – evidence when facts are in dispute. What possible reason could there have been not to show that at trial? No clue. But this film raises that question. It also reports that this type of encounter had happened previously with Floyd, and he was rushed to the hospital for treatment from the swallowed pills. But also, that in Chauvin’s case, the police called paramedics 30 seconds after Floyd was put on the ground and that the medics went to the wrong location and that caused the delay. The documentary also claims that what Chauvin did, the placing of his knee was what he had been trained to do, saying the maneuver is right in the Minneapolis Police Department’s training manual. In fact, the body cam footage even shows that Chauvin’s knee was not on Floyd’s neck but on his shoulder. 


Then there’s the autopsy. According to the Minneapolis coroner, Floyd had a dosage of fentanyl in him that the doctor described as at a fatal level. He also had meth in him. He also had a 75% blockage in one of his arteries, hypertensive heart disease and also COVID. And so the coroner claimed Floyd died of preexisting conditions and there was, quote, “no physical evidence suggesting that Mr. Floyd died of asphyxiation.” Now, documentaries are notoriously biased. One could convince you that there’s global warming and then another can reveal it as a fraud. It’s because documentaries often don’t present both sides. But maybe this one presents a side that was ignored. Still, you’ve got to be careful, especially when it says something that you want to hear. And marshaling all this stuff together, it raises some serious questions. Especially since early on, I suspected that the courtroom wasn’t impervious to what was going on outside. 

GUTFELD FLASHABCK ON THE FIVE: Did you hear what Mike Tobin said when he was interviewing some people when they said, hey, we’re not going to loot tonight, we’re going to celebrate? So we were dealing with what we thought was a sense of extortion, that if this didn’t go a certain way, I’m speaking the truth. If it didn’t go a certain way, there was going to be destruction. We know that. Why pretend otherwise? Come on. 


That guy is so gorgeous. Not him, me. My point is, there was no way Chauvin wasn’t going to be found guilty. Not with the mob just waiting for a reason to riot. So was it justice served or was it extortion? I say watch the flick. Decide for yourself. The media hates that, after all. So while the leaders of BLM hang in a luxury compound that would make the Hamas leaders jealous, all four cops from the Floyd incident remain in prison. Expect no explanations from Minnesota Governor Tim Walz or Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, who are cheerleading Chauvin’s prosecution so loudly they should have had pompoms to go with their skirts. Expect no comment from Minnesota AG Keith Ellison, who charged Chauvin with murder. 

Expect no explanation from the judge, who, according to the New York Post, later told an audience of his fellow judges that, quote, “Every case you deal with should be about racial justice…” You know, instead of that boring, plain old, regular justice that courts are supposed to provide for everyone regardless of race, finances, or if your dad is president. Expect no examination of the matter from the legacy media, of course, who found in Chauvin and Floyd their entire wish list of progressive narratives and expect nothing from our president, who said during the trial that he was praying for a conviction and who calls America’s law enforcement absolutely systemically racist. 

Look, do I know that everything in this documentary is accurate? Hell, no. All documentaries come with a point of view. But the people who cheered loudest for the Chauvin prosecution are the same ones who’ve been lying to us about everything else. So it makes me wonder why did we believe them then? And why should we believe them now?

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