Sit down, Sit down. Sit down. Happy Wednesday, everyone. So if you were going about your business yesterday and suddenly felt the Earth shudder on its axis, it’s not because Jerry Nadler tipped over. No, it’s that Congress actually got something right. In a bipartisan vote, the House of Reps. censured Rashida Tlaib. Censuring, it’s less effective than putting Carmex on a cold store, but we’ll take it. 

For even 22 Democrats to leave statements blaming Israel in America for the 10/07 attacks while calling the Hamas massacre resistance were simply too much. True Tlaib is so nutty, she’s asked not to sit near people with allergies. Now censuring doesn’t really amount to much, it’s the congressional equivalent of fining Hamas for trespassing. But it seems the Dems are finally waking up to the out of control monsters they’ve created. It’s probably how Steve Doocy felt when Peter turned 12. Here’s how Tlaib’s fellow “Squad” monsters tried to defend her.


ILHAN OMAR: What is true here is that every single one of them has not acknowledged the fact that Palestinians are dying in the tens of thousands, but will continue to say it is us who are not acknowledging humanity…

CORI BUSH: This elected body enslaved black people… Racism and sexism, Islamophobia, get pushed off of elevators, xenophobia and more, right here in this workplace.

JAMAAL BOWMAN: Maybe because of your lack of diversity, you lack the cognitive and emotional ability to recognize diverse opinions when they speak truth to power.

Whoa. No wonder Trump wants to bring back asylums. I bet Ilhan Omar’s brother is so glad she divorced him, but if they build those asylums, they better build them big, because tens of thousands of college kids now believe antisemitism is something you get extra credit for. They prefer brutal dictatorships, one that counter their novel pronouns with a noose. So like confused parents, mainstream Dems are scrambling to come up with a way to tell their spoiled brat children behave or go to your room. 

So how do we get to a point where young Dems think terrorists are the good guys? While the state of Israel, the freest nation in the Middle East, deserves to be destroyed? Well, here’s some history that the brats never learned. When Israel became an independent state in the 1940s, progressives supported it. Coming out of World War II, the Holocaust, and a history of pilgrims, it was Jews who were seen as the oppressed. And boy, is that an understatement to call 6 million people exterminated, oppressed. It’s like calling me kind of cute. African Americans recalled that Jews had marched with them in civil rights demonstrations. Jews there had been arrested and even killed. Too bad academia loves hiding facts like that, but then a strange thing happened. 


Israel committed the great unpardonable sin. Much like me. It was successful. And worse, it looked a lot like America while doing it. And no one hates success more than malicious failures. Suddenly, Israel was no longer a safe haven for a people who’d been targeted throughout history, it was no longer the little country that could, it was an oppressor. Nobody loves fighting a man like a Democrat, and it’s all based in envy, it’s what progressives have instead of actual progress. You know we can’t build ****, so let’s tear **** down is their motto. 

So when America went to war in the Middle East after 9-11, you just knew sooner or later the left would decide that we were the bad guy. Which meant, of course, our one true ally in the Mideast must be one, too. It’s the basic progressive formula. America is a racist oppressor, and if you help it, then you are too. But what about the millions of mostly black and brown illegals pouring over our southern border right now? Guess they must love racist oppression too. But if you spent your time burning down buildings instead of going to class, that formula makes sense. And when the left gives the arsonist trophies, it only grows. 

The full tilt away from Israel finally came with that OG progressive Barack Obama. Imagine looking at the Mideast and deciding the Iranians are the good guys. That’s like having 600 channels and deciding on CNN. I know. It was under Obama that Iran’s frozen assets were returned to the tune of $150 billion. Let’s see, Iran funds Hamas and Hezbollah, and we give them $150 billion, can you believe that didn’t work out? What’s Farsi for dumb ass? Obama also gave $400 mil to the Palestinian Authority, money funneled to their pay to slay program, which rewards families of so-called martyrs. I guess 72 virgins isn’t enough of a sale. And now Obama undercuts Biden’s own pro-Israel stance by saying, “Nobody’s hands are clean.” Wow, did Barack eat a bad bagel or something? Or was it another dog? 


Meanwhile, Kamala announced to lead the fight against Islamophobia, maybe she’ll start a bail fund for Hamas prisoners. They probably don’t need it, though, the top three leaders of Hamas are reportedly worth $11 billion while their people live in squalor. But really, this hate didn’t spring up overnight. It’s been simmering on campuses and the media for years. But with new angry radicals entering government, the screeching entitled chickens are now coming home to roost. 

So where does this leave their party? Well, if you’re a wild-eyed miscreant tearing down posters of kidnaped kids and those are just faculty members, it puts you in the driver’s seat. Because while college is all ideology and no experience, in our legislatures nationwide, the new left’s influence is growing like the hair on Joy Bear’s back. And so like groupies, when I drop my nipple ring in the pool, it’s a race to the bottom. These kids aren’t growing out of it. No. 

Five young pro-Palestinian workers at a Jewish owned coffee shop in Manhattan just walked off the job over the store’s support for Israel. The owner even offered to take them to dinner to talk things out, but they quit instead. The store was on the verge of closing, but then members of the local Jewish community showed up in droves. Some even volunteered to work shifts themselves. So talk about a contrast. A closed fist versus a helping hand. Anyway, it’s no wonder our cities are starting to look like Gaza. In that sense, standing up to this growing radicalism makes all of us Israel. It’s a similar fight. 

Luckily here it won’t involve tanks and guns. Just votes, I hope.


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