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– Students react to “Holocaust 2.0” and “F— Israel” graffiti on college campus
– “SNL” alum unleashes on ‘disgusting’ Bernie Sanders, “horribly antisemitic” Dem Squad over Israel opposition
– The ongoing anti-Israel protests occurring across America mirror the 2020 BLM protests and are part of a larger movement meant to “destabilize this country” experts tell Fox News Digital
– OPINION: US universities have spent years sowing seeds of today’s antisemitism

TOP STORY: Jewish students responded to antisemitism on their college campus, including chants for an “intifada revolution” and “Holocaust 2.0” and “F— Israel” graffiti on the walkways, which sparked an investigation by the University of Maryland.  “There is only one solution. Intifada revolution,” pro-Palestinian students chanted on Nov. 10. The university responded to the demonstration by denouncing antisemitism.

VIDEO: Dozens of religious and educational organizations are urging the University of California to reject a proposed ethnic studies admission requirement in light of an influential faculty council’s defense of the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre. The council defended the Oct. 7 Hamas attack — which killed around 1,200 people, primarily Israeli civilians — as the actions of a “community trying to free themselves from decades-long ethnic cleansing and genocide.”

NO JOKE: “Saturday Night Live” alum Jon Lovitz went on a tear against Sen. Bernie Sanders and members of the Democratic “Squad” for their opposition to Israel. Lovitz, who is Jewish, declared Sanders the “best example” of a “self-loathing Jew,” calling him “disgusting,” and mocked how the senator describes himself as a “Democratic Socialist” versus being a communist. Lovitz lamented how Democrats had always been pro-Israel in years past, but now the party has shifted so far left that the Squad promotes the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement.

ANTI-ISRAEL, ANTI-AMERICA: The pro-Palestinian protests being seen on college campuses and city streets have a sinister and familiar tone, experts tell Fox News Digital. Like recent movements including the often-violent BLM protests, they appear rooted in the anti-America teachings of far-left academia, said Chris Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. “The left-wing academics who have been cheering on violent ‘decolonization’ against Jews have been pushing the same hideous rhetoric against ‘whiteness’ for years,” Rufo said. “Same ideology. Same hatred. Same bloodlust.”

Zainab Chaudry

TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED: A member of a Maryland task force aimed at combating hate crimes published numerous antisemitic social media posts, including one claiming that the babies brutally murdered in the Oct. 7 Hamas attack were “fake,” and another comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. Zainab Chaudry, an anti-Israel activist who serves as the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) Maryland office, made the posts in the weeks following Hamas’ attack. She was later suspended.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “For decades, American universities – along with the mainstream media and the American Left in general – have sowed the seeds of today’s celebratory antisemitism by ignoring or even condoning violence, as long as it came from supposed oppressed groups against supposed oppressors.” — Ying Ma 


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