The father of a Washington, D.C. man who was killed during an armed carjacking spree this week spoke out about his tragic death, warning that what happened to him could “happen to anyone” as crime continues to spiral in certain areas nationwide. 

35-year-old Albert Vasquez, Jr. was shot and killed in the overnight carjacking spree that took place earlier this week. Authorities claim he handed over the keys to his Chrysler 200, but was killed anyway. 

His father, Jacob Walker, addressed the senseless killing during “Fox & Friends First,” highlighting growing fears about crime in America’s biggest cities.


“He was just a fun-loving guy, and at this point, it can happen to anyone,” Walker told co-host Todd Piro on Thursday. “AJ wouldn’t harm anyone. He was lovable, very approachable. It’s just it’s just going to take some time for all of us to get our family back together, and we’ll never have that chance to see him or be with him again.”

“He did everything that I told him to do in that situation. Because… we try and teach our kids, and we try and prepare them for situations of danger, he would say, ‘nah, pops, I got you, pops. I know,’ and that still cost him his life,” Walker said. 

The carjacking suspect, who was ultimately shot and killed by police, began the deadly rampage Monday night around 5:45 PM ET. The first victim was Mike Gill, who previously worked for the Trump administration at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. 

Gill was shot during the carjacking and reportedly remains in critical condition. 

Several other victims were carjacked at gunpoint, including Vasquez, who reportedly handed over his keys to the suspect before he was shot and killed anyway. He reportedly died after being taken to a local hospital, according to FOX 5. 

Piro asked Walker if he believes anyone in America is safe anymore, given the tragic ending to his son’s life. 

“I think we really have to ask ourselves that question. Like, do we really care at this point? I just don’t know,” Walker responded. “I just think this country I don’t think this is just the DC issue. I just think this country… there’s not too many places where you can feel safe in America.”

Vasquez’s car that had been stolen during the rampage was reportedly recovered at a local park in Prince George’s County in Maryland.

State and local officials ultimately were able to track down the suspected gunman, and fatally shot him Tuesday morning, after he reportedly opened fire on multiple law enforcement officials. 

Despite Vasquez’s tragic passing, Walker remembered his son as the “charismatic” father that he was, who would never hurt anyone. 

“AJ was a fun, charismatic guy. Loved to dress. He loved his kids,” Walker said. “Easy, outgoing guy. Never would hurt a fly.”

“He just loved the DC area. Like he just loved life. He loved being outside. He loved people, and it’s just hard,” he continued. “It’s hard to put it altogether, to just understand… how someone can take his life, and I know they attach the mental health thing to it. I just think that’s a cop-out to not have to deal with guns in America.”

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