PEORIA, ILLINOIS — A fatal shooting in South Peoria on Monday has been linked to a failed robbery attempt, according to Peoria police. Semone Roth from the Peoria Police Department reported that the incident unfolded during a supposed Facebook Marketplace deal for a vehicle. Two individuals had traveled to Peoria for the purchase and were directed to an alley on West Lincoln Avenue around 5 p.m. by those posing as sellers. It was revealed that the sellers had planned a robbery, with no intention of selling a car.

In the alley, the would-be buyers were ambushed by several assailants. During the ensuing confrontation, both the attackers and one of the victims, who was armed, exchanged gunfire. A robbery suspect was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. The armed citizen, who legally owned the gun and had a permit to carry it across state lines, was not charged and was released.

The Peoria Police Department is still investigating the case, which will be reviewed by the Peoria County State’s Attorney’s office. In light of this event, the police are advising the public to exercise caution during Marketplace transactions. They recommend choosing visible meeting places, ideally under video surveillance. The police department’s parking lot and lobby are also suggested as safe venues for such transactions.

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