Miguel Morales was arrested last year for selling drugs and a gun to undercover cops while on his way to work as a Chicago Public Schools “Safe Passage” worker.  Morales, despite a sordid criminal history including a murder conviction, somehow picked up a gig as a “Safe Passage” worker with the Chicago Public Schools.

I called the CPS Public Information line at the time of Morales’ arrest in my capacity as the Executive Director of Guns Save Life. I had a fairly simple question for them:  “Just how many murderers, child sex offenders and drug dealers does CPS allow around kids?”

If you guessed they never got back with my FOIA request, you win a cookie.  I should have pressed them harder.  I think the easy answer is not “zero.”

Clearly it wasn’t zero as Miguel Morales worked as a “Safe Passage” worker with a homicide conviction. And here I thought people who worked around kids in the Land of Lincoln were required to get fingerprinted as part of the background investigation process. They darn sure certainly are downstate in Bloomington.

Maybe they do things a lil’ different up there in the big city.

Anyway, Morales, the convicted murderer and now former-Chicago Public Schools Safe Passage worker will now spend a short stint in prison after the gentle tap on the back of the hand sentence for selling drugs and a stolen gun while on his way to work as a CPS Safe Passage gig.

And proving that prison sentences in Illinois are like dog-years in reverse, you’ll be relieved to know Mr. Murderer Morales will be paroled in time for Christmas next year.  As such he’ll be ready and able to resume his duties as a “Safe Passage” worker in time for the spring semester!

As usual, the great folks at CWB Chicago have the details:

CHICAGO — Miguel Morales, a convicted murderer, Safe Passage worker, and gang intervention worker, has been sentenced to four years in prison for selling cocaine and a gun to an undercover Chicago cop during a long-term police investigation.

Morales, 50, pleaded guilty to manufacture-delivery of cocaine and selling a firearm without a valid Firearm Owner’s ID card before Judge Carol Howard, according to court records. She handed him four years on the drug charge and a concurrent one-year sentence for the gun count.

Police were conducting a “complex” narcotics investigation on the South Side in late 2022 when Morales sold the undercover officer 30 grams of cocaine for $1,200 before reporting for his shift as a Safe Passage worker, prosecutors alleged. They said the cop bought cocaine from Morales “several” other times during the investigation.

Then, on January 20, 2023, Morales allegedly accompanied an undercover cop to an illegal gun sale. Prosecutors said he remained on the phone with the officer while the cop entered another car to purchase the weapon from Sergio Gomez, 52, for $1,000 cash.

Attorneys who represented the men said they work for the same anti-violence program as community liaisons and gang intervention workers. Gomez was convicted of murder in 1994 and received a 40-year sentence. Morales was convicted of murder in 1993 and received a 45-year sentence.

Gomez continues to fight the allegations in court. He is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and selling a firearm without a valid FOID card.

Morales is scheduled to be paroled on December 22, 2025, after serving half of his four-year sentence.

And the guy who sold the gun that Morales set up was also an “anti-violence” worker.

Only in Illinois, folks.  And they wonder why they have a violent crime problem in America’s largest open-air shooting range.

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