A Chicago Democrat is calling for the city’s sanctuary status to be removed as the migrant crisis continues to squeeze community resources.

Government employee Cata Truss told “Fox News @ Night” Democrat voters like her are growing increasingly frustrated with the party’s handling of the issue.

“There is no moneys to take care of the migrants, nor is there moneys to take care of the people that are there. And so we have a mess on our hands,” Truss said Wednesday. 


Truss argued Windy City residents are upset over low income communities and schools being “divested in” while funds are used for the care of migrants instead.

“This is the sentiment from the city of Chicago: We would like to have our status as a sanctuary city removed,” she said. “We would also like to see a better plan in place.”

Truss said she tried to reach out to Democratic elected officials in the city to sit down with her and other members of the community to discuss the situation, but “no one was willing” to talk. 

“If you are all not willing to sit down with us, if you’re not willing to talk to us, why should we continue to support you?” she said. “A lot of us [Democrats] are jumping ship.”

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson defended his handling of the crisis, Wednesday.

“I know folks may question my style, but don’t question my leadership,” the Democrat said.

Truss said she could not understand the mayor’s sentiment.

“He has to have regrets, because people have regrets. We are not happy with what is happening here.” 

Truss added that she is also disappointed with President Biden for not using his executive authority to stem the flow of illegal immigrants from the southern border.

Brandon Johnson

Nearly 34,000 migrants have arrived in Chicago since beginning data collection, with over $156 million spent on housing and care since October 2022, according to the city.

While running for office last year, Johnson was in full support of migrants coming to the city, but has recently said the current influx is “not sustainable” and has sought further federal assistance.

Fox News’ Kyle Morris and Alexander Hall contributed to this report.

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