Charlie Sheen revealed that he is undergoing plastic surgery on his neck after watching himself on TV.

The 58-year-old actor recently reunited with Chuck Lorre when he guest-starred in two episodes of the “Two and Half Men” creator’s MAX comedy series “Bookie.” During a recent interview with Deadline, Sheen recalled being displeased with his appearance when he viewed the episodes on a “giant screen” at the Warner Bros. studio lot with the show’s cast and crew.

“I’m focused, laser-focused … on a physical trait of mine. And I’m like, I need to fix that. It was my neck,” Sheen shared.

He continued, “I’m looking at it and I look like when a really heavy person loses all the weight and their neck is still kind of a … turkey gobbler.”


“It’s a saggy, flappy thing,” Sheen added. “I’m looking at that going, holy f—— s—. It looks like that.”

The “Wall Street” star explained that he decided to take immediate action rather than dwelling on it and contacted a plastic surgeon.

“I could have stayed upset about it or I could get right into solution,” he said. “So I see this on Monday night, and Tuesday morning, I’m on the phone with a doctor scheduling this thing.”

charlie sheen smiling and weairng sunglasses

Sheen said that he had no hesitations over whether to get plastic surgery after seeing himself on screen.

“It was either that or go shopping for turtlenecks,” he quipped. “I’m doing it in two weeks. In two weeks. But the next morning I was like, I didn’t want to see that again. And people shouldn’t have to look at that.”

Sheen continued, “It’s the disadvantage of not being on camera for 10 years. I see myself in the mirror every day and I’m like, alright, things have held together. This is the dialogue we have with ourselves in the morning. Yeah, this’ll have to do. But I saw that and I was like, wow, the last decade, not so friendly.”

The Golden Globe Award winner referenced a “Two and Half Men” episode from the show’s eighth season in which his character Charlie Harper sneaks off to Las Vegas to get cosmetic surgery.

“It’s a Schenkman,” Sheen said, referring to Dr. Schenkman, the fictional cosmetic surgeon in the episode. “Exactly. And if people are like, well yeah, I said I was going to do it, and I did.”

Rather than being motivated by vanity, Sheen said that he wanted to get the surgery so that his neck wasn’t distracting to viewers.

“And I’m not implanting anything,” he added. “I am smoothing some s— out. Yeah. It really bothered me.”

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Sheen told Deadline that he wanted to be candid about his plans to dispel the stigma around plastic surgery.

“I think I need to talk about it because nobody else does these days,” Sheen said. “So leave it to this guy.”


Sheen is not the only member of his family to opt for plastic surgery. In November, the “Anger Management” alum’s daughter Sami Sheen documented her experience undergoing breast augmentation surgery. 

Sheen shares Sami and daughter Lola,18, with his ex-wife Denise Richards. He is also father to daughter Cassandra, 39, whom he shares with his ex Paula Profit. Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller share 14-year-old twins Max and Bob.

Sami Sheen in a white tube top hugs her arms for a photo taken by Bustle

Sheen’s appearance in “Bookie” marked the first time that he and Lorre worked together since the actor’s highly-publicized departure from “Two and Half Men” in 2011.

Sheen was fired from the show in season 8 after making a string of derogatory remarks about Lorre. At the time, Sheen had also entered rehab for drug and alcohol addiction and was facing allegations of abuse from multiple women.

During his interview with Deadline, Sheen explained that he saw his return to the small screen as a chance to demonstrate how he had changed since he last collaborated with Lorre.

“It was an audition for accountability, responsibility, professionalism,” Sheen said. “I was always the guy who was first to arrive and last to leave.”

He continued, “I want to be that guy again. And so coming back to do ‘Bookie,’ I checked all those boxes. I was there to prove I would do what was asked of me and do it in a way that I’ve been programmed to do for a very long time.”

Charlie Sheen raps his arm around a young Angus T. Jones on the set of "Two and a Half Men"

“It was really refreshing to reactivate those muscle groups,” Sheen added. “And again, it was, right back where we were. The shorthand between Chuck and I. We were right back to having a shorthand that was there once.”

Sheen explained that Lorre doesn’t give his actors “a lot of notes.” 

“He lets a performer do what he’s doing because that is the reason he got the job,” Sheen said. “He honors that and he’ll come in with one very specific thing. And, he’s always right. It’s kind of annoying. He’s always right. And you do that thing, you’re like, ‘Of course. Okay, well that makes sense, how did I miss that?’

“But you can’t think of everything all the time, right?” he continued. “I think he was experiencing the same thing. I was just us feeling the energy again of how it was, before it wasn’t. So that was exciting.”

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