We’ll assume this isn’t a Photoshop job or some other fake intended to get clicks. And no, we don’t know which Cash America pawn shop had this G23 for sale in its case. But we’re more than willing to believe that the average pawn shop employee has no idea what that little box on the back of the GLOCK’s slide is. Or the fact that they’re offering an illegal machine gun for sale for the bargain price of $480.

If you don’t know, that’s an illegal “GLOCK switch” that converts a standard semi-automatic pistol into a .40 caliber full-auto bullet hose. The switches all the rage these days — virtual status symbols — among urban criminal types because they’re easy to buy and even easier to print.

Since the one in the photo above actually says “GLOCK” on the back, it’s probably one that’s sold through Chinese knock-off sites like wish.com and others. But be warned…if you one, you just may get an unexpected knock at your door from people you’d really rather not have anything to do with.


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