HAVERFORD, PENNSYLVANIA — A late-night carjacking incident escalated into a shooting and a pursuit. Early Saturday, around 1:45 AM, a man was confronted by three individuals, one armed with a gun, in his apartment parking lot. They seized his keys and phone, and then stole his vehicle and drove off.

In a bold move, the victim chased the carjackers using the vehicle that they showed up in before stealing his. During the chase, the carjackers fired multiple shots at him, but he was reportedly unharmed.

Police, currently investigating and searching for the suspects, discovered two additional stolen vehicles from different areas. The victim’s car was later located in Camden, New Jersey.

While relatively comical that the man took the carjacker’s vehicle (which was probably also stolen), it’s still never a sound idea to give chase to any criminal. As we clearly see in this case, the man could have easily taken one of those bullets that the carjackers fired.

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