HERNANDO COUNTY, FLORIDA — Police are investigating an incident where a man was shot in the leg during a domestic dispute in Brooksville. Early Monday morning, officials responded to a reported shooting at a residence on Young Street. There, they discovered Arthur Clinton in a vehicle, wounded from a gunshot to his leg, alongside a woman.

The 911 report indicated preceding arguments and suspected gunfire. Clinton claimed the shooting was accidental. He was subsequently hospitalized and then transferred to a trauma center.

The woman involved recounted a sequence of events starting with an altercation at a bar and escalating at the Young Street home. She reported that Clinton, after placing a gun on the porch, attacked and strangled her to the point of breathing difficulty. When he ceased, she seized the gun and shot him in self-defense as he charged at her again.

The pair then entered a vehicle to seek medical assistance. Observations of the woman’s injuries, including broken fingernails, arm scratches, and debris in her hair, supported her account.

Based on these injuries, deputies arrested Clinton after his hospital release. He faces charges of domestic battery by strangulation. The woman has not been charged with any crimes.

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