Back in the day, the Brady Campaign’s predecessor organization used to be the most powerful force in promoting compulsory victim disarmament. Originally known as the Coalition to Ban Handguns, then Handgun Control, Inc., and then the Brady Campaign for Gun Violence, it’s repeatedly rebranded itself as it has struggled for relevancy.

Back when they were flush with money from dark money orgs, they used to lobby for gun control legislation both at the state and national levels.  When the money started to dry up, so too did their gravitas among politicians and the media.

Today, they are barely a shadow of their former self. Instead of making a difference in legislatures, they’re now left gasping for relevance by complaining about the release of a video game. And they can’t even get their facts right about that.  Not that facts have ever stood in the way of their narratives.

Things nobody asked for? The Palworld game has sold seven million copies in five days. That’s a whole lot of nobodies.  Again, if President Kris Brown says it, it must be true right?  (Cough.)

Furthermore, Brady says the game is rated “safe” for kids 7+. Has “President” Brown not watched the trailer? Or did he she let one of her interns write and publish a diatribe in her name on X?

“T” doesn’t mean safe for ages 7+. But again, don’t let reality and facts get in the way of Kris’ pearl clutching.

And the fact that the game features guns… and gasp…machine guns! Oh no! PalWorld isn’t exactly the first video game that has featured guns, real or imagined.

Here at TTAG we don’t even have a category for cartoons.  Nor do I see one added anytime soon. Pretty sure the NRA doesn’t either.

How the mighty have fallen. Sort of like a beautiful young seductress that has aged into a haggard old woman without any teeth, the Brady Campaign can’t even gasp for the oxygen of publicity without making themselves look like toothless old fools.

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