SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — A recent police bodycam video has captured a tense shootout at a Ralphs supermarket in Southern California, resulting in the death of the suspect and critical injuries to a San Diego police sergeant. The confrontation occurred on December 7, around 11:30 p.m., when police responded to a 911 call about a stolen car spotted in the supermarket’s parking lot. The caller, a victim of domestic violence, identified the thief as Curtis Harris, 46, who was also subject to an emergency court protective order.

As officers approached Harris in the store, he fled, initiating a gunfight. Harris, maneuvering through shopping carts, shot Sgt. Anthony Elliot in the head at close range. Other officers pursued Harris, exchanging gunfire that eventually led to his death. The bodycam footage revealed the officers’ realization of their missing sergeant and their efforts to aid him.

Police Chief David Nisleit commended the officers’ bravery under heavy gunfire, expressing deep concern for Sgt. Elliot, who is currently hospitalized and battling a serious head wound.

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