CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In the Cragin neighborhood of Chicago, an incident occurred at Taco Burrito King on Monday night involving an armed robbery and a concealed carry holder’s intervention. A 17-year-old, armed with a gun, robbed the restaurant at 5413 W. Belmont Avenue around 9:35 p.m., demanding cash from the register. After the employee handed over the money, a customer with a concealed carry license confronted the teenager and fired shots as the robber fled.

The young assailant escaped in a black SUV but crashed in the 2800 block of North Long Avenue. Attempting to escape on foot, he was soon apprehended by the police. Authorities found a weapon on him, and he was transported to Community First Hospital for treatment of an injury, details of which were not specified.

Fortunately, there were no other injuries reported from the incident. Chicago Police Area Five detectives are currently conducting an investigation into the event.

While the intentions of this armed citizen were good, you run into an extremely rocky territory if you pull the trigger as a suspect is fleeing. If they’re fleeing and shooting at people, that’s one thing. However if they’re fleeing and just trying to get away, a bullet in their back would likely need to be justified in a court.

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