As the holiday season rolls around and eyes start sparkling with desire, we decided to take a look at some of the top products and gear that are sure to be on any shooting enthusiast’s wish list. You don’t need to be a serious competition shooter or tactical operator, these gift ideas are perfect for anyone who enjoys shooting recreationally. 


What does every gun owner need? More ammo! Whether it’s more FMJ for target practice and plinking or fresh hollow points to cycle through your carry mags, no one will be disappointed in more ammunition. Find your loved one’s calibers of choice and get them loaded up with a new supply. If you’re looking to add a little wow factor, more ammunition storage would definitely be appreciated. 

Popular Recommendations:

Hearing Protection

Upgrade your range gear with some new hearing protection. There are several great options, but the brand I recommend most is Walker’s Game Ear. Walker’s offers inexpensive passive ear pro that’s great for a new shooter dipping their toe in the hobby. These simply block out excessive noise to protect your hearing. However, I’d recommend taking a step up to the Razor Slim Electronic Muff. 

Made of a durable sound-dampening composite housing, the Razor provides a noise reduction rating of 23 NRR, and the sound-activated compression is 0.002 of a second to ensure your hearing is protected. Additionally, the two hi-gain omni-directional speakers pick up ambient noise and broadcast it through HD speakers for ultra-clear sound. This allows you to hear your range buddy barking about how they can’t shoot, but still blocks out the deafening sound of gunfire. It also lets you hear range instruction from a safety officer during CCW classes. 

If the Walker’s aren’t for you, I’d take a look at Howard Leight or Radians. Peltor also has some quality options, but at an increased price. Whichever you choose, go with quality ear pro, because once your hearing is gone, it’s gone for good. 

Walker's Razor Slim
Walker’s Razor Slim hearing protection is great for hearing your buddies and blocking out their shots.

Shooting Gloves

As the weather cools off and we break out the cold weather gear, treat yourself or the shooting enthusiast in your life to a fresh pair of shooting gloves. Gloves aren’t just great for the cold, if you go with a lighter option, such as the Caldwell shooting gloves, you can use them year round to protect your hands and enhance your grip. Mechanix work gloves can also pull double duty on the range and on the bench. 

For the more tactical shooter, Voodoo Tactical duty gloves offer an optimal balance of protection and flexibility. The fabric is more durable and won’t get torn up as easily and extra padding in the palm helps cushion impact. 

If the sporting shotgun is more your speed, Bob Allen Shotgunner’s gloves feature a suede palm for improved grip and an enhanced shooting experience. They are also less abrasive on the fine wood and engraving. 

Caldwell Shooting Gloves
Caldwell Shooting Gloves are great for fast shooting all year round.

Gun Cleaning Supplies

Keep those precious firearms running and looking how they should with some new gun cleaning supplies. For a quick refresh, Hoppe’s 1-2-3 Done Complete Firearm Cleaning Kit is one of the easiest ways to clean and service your firearm. The kit contains everything you need in order to complete a simple 3-step cleaning process. Included in the kit is a bottle of solvent, lubricating oil, and a bore snake. This kit is available for several different calibers and caliber combinations. This is perfect to toss in a range bag or for a quick refresh.

For a more detailed cleaning, Clenzoil offers a Universal Gun Care Range Bag with everything you need to detail clean your firearms. This would make the perfect companion gift to anyone’s first firearm. 

Clenzoil Universal Gun Care Range Bag Medium
The Clenzoil Universal Gun Care Range Bag has everything you need to keep your firearms maintained.

Range Bag/Firearm Cases

Whether for transport or storage, a good gun case should be on everyone’s list. For pistol shooters, small individual soft cases in a range bag works well if you only need to bring a few handguns. The BLACKHAWK! Single Pistol Rug works well for this purpose. However, you may find yourself searching through your gear to find any spare magazines, ammo, and other range supplies. You can also get something larger such as the G Outdoors G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack with individual slots to keep things organized and secure. 

For rifles, a lightweight soft case is good to have for a quick trip to the range. Padding is minimal and so is storage, but it is not a cumbersome affair getting everything together. Many shooters also keep their firearms tucked away in a soft case in the gun safe to prevent scratching and keep any magazines or accessories together. The NcSTAR Single Rifle Case is nice because it offers additional storage on the outer for spare magazines. A heavy-duty hard case is better for long-term use and more expensive setups. It can also be locked and used when traveling with your firearms. I recommend anything from Pelican, but specifically the Pelican 1750 Protector is a good size for most uses. 

Pelican Rifle Case
Pelican makes a top tier heavy-duty case.

Reloading Supplies

Tired of constantly running out of ammo? Start loading your own with some new reloading supplies. Handloading is a very safe hobby — if you follow the precautions and use common sense. We’ve got everything to get you started, from reloading presses and manuals, to case preparation and dies. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year. If you’re already a seasoned handloader, pick up some more bullets and brass cases to keep you going. 

Shooting Rest

Long days at the range and accuracy testing are made easier with a good shooting rest. There are plenty of great options for all price ranges and applications. A simple block rest is easy to transport and takes up minimal storage space, but does not provide as much support as a larger rest. The FoamAction Sports FoamRest is a great grab and go option that fits nicely in a range bag. The Caldwell DeadShot provides a bit more stability while remaining portable. 

A full deluxe rest and bag combo will provide the most stability for your shots, but can be heavy and bulky. I recommend the Birchwood Casey Bravo or Caldwell Lead Sled. They both offer excellent performance for the price. 

Caldwell DeadShot Shooting Rest
The Caldwell DeadShot Shooting Rest is a good balance of stability and portability.

Targets (Paper & Steel)

Like ammunition, targets are an expandable resource and always need to be replaced. Continue your training and get some new paper targets from Birchwood Casey. Whether it’s the standard targets to help you tighten up that group, silhouette targets for self-defense practice, zombie targets to train for the apocalypse, or carnival targets to see who buys lunch after a successful range trip with friends, we’ve got you covered. 

For those outdoor shooters with land, freshen up that home range with some new steel targets. We have everything from falling plate racks to spinning windmills to large gongs ready for your custom range. 

Birchwood Casey Zombie Targets
Birchwood Casey Zombie Targets are a blast at the range!

Laser Training

Consistent dry fire practice is important for maintaining proficiency with your firearms. Take dry fire practice to the next level with a Mantis X laser training system. By using a laser attached to your firearm and special targets, the Mantis X is able to track your shots via an app on your phone or tablet. This app is chock-full of different drills that are designed to improve your accuracy and speed in defensive situations. Additionally, the app tracks your progress in the “history” section, so you can see how you’ve improved over time. 

New Firearm

I can think of nothing better than a new firearm all wrapped up! Go ahead, get yourself or loved one a new gun this year. Something I’m sure everyone could use more of, are AR-15 lower receivers. Buy a few now and build them out later. They’re cheap insurance to have in case you can’t get them one day. 

Maybe you’d rather refresh their carry options with one of the most popular carry pistols on the market, the SIG P365. Whether it’s the larger XL model, newer XMACRO, or even just the standard, a new SIG is sure to bring a smile to their face — or yours. Lightweight and slim, the P365 is easy to carry all day long, and the 9mm still packs enough punch for self-defense. 

Left to right: P365 Spectre, P365-XMACRO TACOPS, and SIG P365 XL.
Left to right: P365 Spectre, P365-XMACRO TACOPS, and SIG P365 XL.

For those who simply need a solid home defense firearm, a Maverick 88 pump-action shotgun would make a perfect bedside companion. This budget blaster retains the solid design of the Mossberg 500 series, but comes in at around half the price. This would also make a perfect gift for any friends or family who may not already own a firearm. What better gift than the gift of personal protection? 

Wrap Up

The holidays are fast approaching, but you’ll be ready with this gift guide from Cheaper Than Dirt! Get this pistol shooter in your life the perfect gift this year. If you’re still unsure about which items on this list they’ll like the most, grab a CTD gift card and let them decide. 

What’s on your wish list this year? Do you have any other holiday gift ideas for shooters? Let us know in the Comment section. 

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