Credit where credit’s due: Condor always goes hard at SHOT Show. The company has an absolute slew of blades on display this year – too many to go over in a single piece, but here are some of the highlights.

Tactical Pass Com

It’s always interesting to see a fixed blade-centric company branch out into folding knives, but the PASS Com actually dwarfs some fixed blades, with a positively enormous 4.96-inch blade. This beast flings open with a thumb stud, is made from 14C28N stainless steel, and comes with a liner lock to secure it. It also has what appears to be a spine-side, extended clip.


Here’s a cool new design from Condor’s Joe Flowers. The Bushscot, as its name suggests, combines a bushcraft-style drop point blade with the symmetrical dagger handle of the Scottish sgian dubh dagger. It comes with a leather sheath and sports a blade made from 14C28N.


Another Joe Flowers piece, the Narrowsaur likewise reveals its premise in its name: this is a thinned down version of Flowers’s previously released Terrasaur fixed blade. Thinner does not mean smaller, however, as the same 4-inch blade is present here as on the original.


You have to respect Condor’s willingness to go wild with its designs; the company is not afraid of turning out some deeply quirky stuff. Case in point the Megalodon, a fixed blade named after an extinct super shark, with a 14C28N blade whose dimensions are patterned after fossilized examples of the beast’s actual teeth.


Goran Mihajlovic, designer of the Kambo, is a custom maker best-known for his pukko designs, which he produces by hand in his forge in the Amazon rainforest. The Kambo is a clean, appealing take on the form, with a highly portable 2.93-inch blade length.

K-Night Machete

In our opinion it’s not a Condor story if we’re not showing off at least one enormous chopper, so here you go. Designed by Jason Breeden, the K-Knight is a bit of a different take on the concept, with a relatively narrow, sword-like blade that runs to 13.21 inches. The oversized handle can accomodate two hands if you really want to put your back into your chopping.

Knife in Featured Image: Condor K-Knight Machete

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