Here’s more big SHOT stuff from Benchmade, the rest of their 2024 lineup. The company debuted these new knives via YouTube channel Everyday Minimalist last week, but this is their first full scale debut, and there’s a lot to talk about, including a whole new line for the company that leverages the corrosion resistance of CPM MagnaCut. If you want to browse further, here’s the full catalog.

Adira and Mini Adira

These folders headline Benchmade’s brand new “Water” line, a series of knives optimized with MagnaCut for carry in and around water. An unapologetic workhorse, the full-size Adira is a pretty imposing tool, with a 3.88-inch drop point blade; the Mini Adira drops the drop point down to 3.21 inches. Both versions are made with MagnaCut steel which, while not designed specifically for use in watery environs, has superlative rust resistance, such that it even made it into Spyderco’s Salt lineup. Axis Lock knives in the great Benchmade tradition, the Adira knives also sport the signature “Depth Blue” handle coloration that’s shared among all the knives in this inaugural Water class.


One of three new Water line fixed blades, the Undercurrent is the large, all purpose cutter of the bunch. Its 4.3-inch reverse tanto comes partially serrated, a common choice for waterside workhorses, who may be called upon to work with/through rope. Its handle is made from Santoprene, which has a tackier grip than other polymers and should help keep this one where it needs to be in the hand.


The Intersect, meanwhile, is considerably more compact, with a 2.68-inch blade. It’s not just a smaller version of the Undercurrent however, as it has a plain edge drop point rather than the combo edge reverse tanto on that larger knife.


This one is a surf companion piece to the turf Meatcrafter, with a similar trailing point blade, albeit one that is thinned out a bit, evoking the classic fillet knife shape. You can get this one with either a 7-inch, or a 9-inch blade.

2024 Bushcrafter and Mini Bushcrafter

Moving onto dry land, this year we’ll be seeing the return of the Shane Sibert-designed Bushcrafter fixed blade, in both a full-size and Mini variant [pictured]. Blade lengths are 4.38 inches and 3.48 inches respectively, and blade steel across the board is CPM-CruWear. The profile on these new models looks streamlined compared to the older model, with a Sibert-style fuller and beefy blade stock to back up the name.

Mini Meatcrafter

And there’s also a smaller Meatcrafter this year for all the carnivores out there. Compared to the 6-inch standard version, this one brings the blade down to 4 inches, so what it loses in terms of large scale capability it should gain in maneuverability and dexterousness.

Necron Balisong

Benchmade remains one of the few major manufacturers who maintain a focus on balis, and this year they’re releasing the Necron. This one comes with a whopping blade length of 4.59 inches, executed in a striking scimitar-style blade profile. Available in two colors of G-10 as well as a blue-handled trainer model, the Necron can be tweaked with the included, removable tungsten weights and handle extensions to suit a particular user’s flipping style.

Mini Auto Adamas

Speaking of Shane Sibert designs, Benchmade continues to flesh out their recent refresh of the Adamas folder with automatic Mini models to compliment the full-size ones. You’ve got the same basic proportions as the manual, as well as the same material/steel options: G-10 and CruWear, or marbled carbon fiber and MagnaCut.

Claymore and Mini Claymore OTF

The auto blitz continues with new members of the Claymore family, this time around with full out the front double action. The full-size model has a blade length of 3.89 inches, which is longer than that on the single action Claymore; meanwhile the Mini brings it all the way down to 3 inches. The Mini is only available with a plain edge, but the full size model can also be had with a wicked-looking partially-serrated blade config.

Drop Point Shootout

Benchmade is aiming this latest Shootout variant at the EDC market, with a drop point profile instead of the tanto style blade on the original. It’s easier to sharpen and more intuitive to use in a daily carry role, but doesn’t lose any blade length over the tanto at 3.5 inches.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Adira

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